Bachelors Degree in Legal Studies – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Bachelors Degree in Legal Studies" is a good example of a personal statement on the law. People come into our lives and leave, sometimes, leaving no traces. This was, however, not the case with one old man I met in 2006 when I was working as a flight attendant at Continental Express Air. This man seated on seat 1A engaged me in a conversation that altered the direction of my life. The conversation with him about Africa, my motherland, ended with a piece of advice that was to jerk my mind to realization.

Two days after meeting this old man who happened to be an attorney with a law firm in Waco, Texas; I decided to follow my passion. I was raised in a single-parented family in Nairobi, Kenya. My mother had never been to school, yet she fended for me, and my three siblings. She was a cook at the Pumwani Maternity and earned a monthly salary of Ksh 120. With the little she got, she put her children through high school. As fate would have it, my mother suffered a stroke due to high blood pressure.

She becomes paralyzed on her left side and had to retire. This happened in my 2nd year of high school. It seemed as though fate were determined to deny me a college education. Since I was thirteen, I had vowed that I would break the “ not-been-to-college” cycle in my family. I always said I would go to university and become a successful attorney. After clearing my high school education, this dream seemed bleak. It was during this time that I had the first-hand experience with an attorney.

At one time, my mother was hospitalized, and we could not afford to pay the hospital bill. She recovered, but the hospital authority would not discharge her until the bill was settled in full. Having no means to meet these demands, we sought the aid of a Kenyan NGO, CARE Kenya. They assigned us an attorney and worked out a settlement plan with the hospital, which they paid. I was touched by how they were determined to help strangers like we. I, later on, got a chance to come to the USA, in 2006.

I landed a job, working as a flight attendant at Continental Express Airlines. Whereas this job was helping me fend for my family back in Kenya, I knew that I would have to move on, and seek a long term career. My interest in education did not wane, and all the while, I remained confident that someday I would be an NGO attorney. The time I had spent 350, 000 feet in the sky helped me realize the true meaning of “ higher education. ” It is doing something you love and having a sense of direction. After my incidence with the attorney form Texas, I did extensive research and settled on Penn Foster College.

I planned to do an associate degree in paralegal studies, then transfer my hours towards a bachelor’ s degree in legal studies. This would then lead me to Law School. In January 2008, the airline industry was hit by recession and employees were offered a voluntary leave of absence for up to three years in lieu of laying off people. I jumped at the opportunity and started searching for an employment opportunity as a paralegal.

I was successful and landed a job with Opande Law firm on a part-time basis. This later turned to a full-time venture for me. In pursuit of my dreams, I enrolled in a Bachelor’ s degree in Legal studies with American Military University/American Public University after my associate degree. Knowing I had what it takes, I started my own freelance Paralegal & Notary Services at www. paralegalandnotaryservices. com. Through this service, I have been able to draft documents for thousands of clients.

Some include Infotelecom, Foreclosure Rescue, Broadvox-CLEC, and Cypress Communications. Now with 5 years in the legal field, and being a Texas Public Notary, I am more than sure I want to be an attorney. To me it’ s no longer the issue of if I want to be in law school or whether I will succeed; because I know I will. I have proved it in the last 5 years. The issue at hand is getting to a good law school, and gaining knowledge in the legal field to make an impact, and help those who need my help.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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