Labor and Delivery Services in the Bright Road Health Care Hospital – Personal Statement Example

The paper "Labor and Delivery Services in the Bright Road Health Care Hospital" is a worthy example of a personal statement on health sciences and medicine. As a manager of the Social Services department and an ethics committee member, I have a critical duty to safeguard the social richness of the hospital. I firmly believe that the hospital should continue having labor and delivery services. Regarding the hospital, community, and the patients, the issue has to be looked from a broader perspective. The decision has long run benefits to all the stakeholders of the hospital.
Sometimes financial factor makes it a challenge for a rural hospital to provide the needed healthcare for residents. Despite the problem, Bright Road Health Care hospital should not surrender to temporary financial constraints. Instead, this hospital can consider continuing offering labor and delivery services at a cost-effect level. This involves taking first measures such as teaching the community on pregnancy, labor, delivery, and how to take care during and after delivery. The decision is likely to create a good rapport with the people thus viewing the facility as a considerate to the community (Berghella, Baxter, & Chauhan, 2008). The community and the patients will prefer seeking all healthcare services from the hospital becoming loyal customers.
Elsewhere, the community and patients are the great beneficiaries should the labor and delivery services continue to be offered. Sometimes, the community is never a fool but rather lack the information on the best way to treat the delivery process. Labor and delivery service is a critical platform to pass healthcare information. Patients may not be required to move over long distances to seek these crucial services, yet the hospital can provide the same at low cost. Pregnant mothers will have less or no complications before or after delivery. It is the proper ways the hospital can help the community eradicate the childbirth mortalities. These cases are many in rural areas where labor and delivery services are far from the community.