My Time and Experience in Summer Internship at the Gulf Centre for Aviation Studies – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "My Time and Experience in Summer Internship at the Gulf Centre for Aviation Studies " is a great example of a personal statement on education. This report describes the various activities carried out during an eight-week full-time summer internship at the Gulf Centre for Aviation Studies (GCAS). This organization is one of the leading players in specialized training in the aviation industry based in Abu Dhabi’ s Al Bateen Executive Airport. Apart from serving the UAE, the institution serves the regional and international markets. The report thus details the working processes of this organization and documents my time and experience in this organization in terms of responsibilities and tasks assigned to me, application of theory to tasks, accomplishments, challenges faced, solutions to these challenges, and the learning outcomes from individual tasks and the whole exercise. The report is organized into different sections.

The first section that follows this introduction is the company profile. This section contains information pertaining to the organization, the industry in which the organization operates, the organizational structure, and culture. The second section offers the job description and work plan assigned to me.

The subsequent section explains the personal objectives of the internship and how they were or not achieved. The next section will detail the accomplishments during the period followed by the lessons learned from the whole exercise. The last section will conclude the report and highlight the overall implications of the internship exercise. Company profile GCAS was established in 2009 by Abu Dhabi Airports Company (ADAC), a government body mandated with running the five major airports in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. The institution, based at Al Bateen Executive Airport, is internationally recognized and accredited by the Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) as an aviation training institute and the first to be recognized as ICAO’ s TRAINAIR PLUS member.

GCAS is the only IATA Accredited Training School (ATS) in the UAE which gives the institution an edge over the competition. The institutions offer over 300 courses offered including courses in language skills, leadership, and development programs as well as management in the aviation industry. There are also other minor courses offered to specific airline companies whose curriculum is usually developed in conjunction with the employers for continuing employees.

These courses are offered at various levels such as certificates and diplomas (GCAS, 2015). In order to offer such a wide range of courses with some of them tailor-made, the institution is organized into two loose arms; training and administrative. The training arm has five departments; training, training operations, finance, and business development and marketing. As a branch ADAC, much of the administrative roles of the institutions are operated at the ADAC offices where there is an ICT department. However, this does not seem to compromise or affect the operation of the institution in any negative manner.

The firms are linked together by a strong organizational structure that gives GCAS a significant level of independence in its operations. As for the culture, the GCAS is guided by Islamic culture as is most government-owned organizations and agencies in the UAE. However, there are unique aspects in this culture such as continuous improvement and efficiency. The organization prides itself in always seeking the way forward by adopting the newest innovation in the industry and enabling its employees and students to learn about them and apply them in the workplace.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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