Internship Preparation Analysis: Gulf Center for Aviation Studies – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Internship Preparation Analysis: Gulf Center for Aviation Studies " is a great example f a personal statement on education.   Gulf Center for Aviation Studies (GCAS) a highly accredited training institution offering high-quality programs and courses relevant in the aviation industry. As a fully-fledged learning institution, the organization offers numerous working opportunities for professionals in a number of fields. As an organization that uses some of the most advanced technologies training as well as administrative purposes, GCAS requires a well equipped IT department that oversees all IT operations including security and networking.

As an IT Security & Networking, then GCAS is a suitable internship destination. It is for this reason that I am interested in learning more about this organization and what I can offer and learn during my internship there. Some of the highlights are the organization’ s values, culture, and mission and how they are integrated into its functions and IT functions. This report thus introduces the GCAS and highlights my interest and knowledge of the organization as I look forward to commencing my summer internship there as part of the course requirement. Background Industry description In a demand-supply market dichotomy, learning institutions, including GCAS and Zayed University, act as suppliers while employers act as consumers who drive demand.

However, there are instances where the organizations play both roles of supplier and consumer such as the case of GCAS. In the face of growing competition in the supply side, institutions are developing more specific courses to meet demand as consumers become more specific about the skills and qualifications needed. GCAS acting on the supply-side seeks to provide high quality and relevant courses specific to the aviation industry.

It has incorporated global benchmarking measures to model its programs in a superior manner. As a result, GCAS has emerged as one of the top institutions providing aviation specialists to industry players in the region and internationally. However, the institute is not alone in the region. Competing players include Politri Aviation Training Centers based in Sharjah Airport, Skies Aviation based in Dubai Airport Free zone, and Emirates Aviation College based in Dubai. Corporate history and background GCAS is a Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) aviation training institute established in 2009 by Abu Dhabi Airports which is mandated to run the five major airports in Abu Dhabi.

The main aim was to establish an institution that would develop the aviation industry further both regionally and internationally with a higher level of professionalism. The center is located at the Al Bateen Executive Airport in Abu Dhabi. Over the years, the institution has expanded its course offering and programs to over 300 courses. Other soft courses offered include language skills, leadership, and development programs as well as management in aviation. There are also other minor courses offered to specific airline industries whose curriculum is usually developed in conjunction with the employers for continuing employees.

These courses are offered at various levels such as certificates and diplomas. Size and other details of the company The institute is headed by a general manager with the current one being Mohammed Al Bulooki. The institution is located within 5 minutes from the Abu Dhabi Exhibition Centre, 15 minutes from the city, and 50 minutes from Dubai. This places the facility at the heart of Dubai at the Al Bateen Executive Airport which has slots for 50 luxury jets.

With the facility providing executives services to the healthy, GCAS provides training to its learners in an environment where quality is very important.


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