Writing an Essay – Personal Statement Example

The paper "Writing an Essay" is a wonderful example of a personal statement on English.
Although I am applying them simply to my own work, it is important to recognize that intellectual standard is crucial in the development of any paper. It is very important to be able to answer almost all of the questions that are posed by each standard. Some of the points that I felt were important to highlight in my paper were relevance, logic, and depth. When it came to the relevance of the paper, I was able to relate how each solution reached related to the original problem and how this solution contributed to answering this problem. The next intellectual standard that I made a point to cover in my paper was logic. It is important that everything has to come together and make sense and that the first paragraph fits in with the last. Depth was the third important intellectual standard that has particular importance to my project and was probably the most complex of all. Answering these questions was difficult. One question that stood out as particularly difficult was determining which factors make my topic a difficult problem. There are so many factors that make immigration a difficult problem, not to mention the complexities of the situation. The problem only became more complex when trying to factor in additional difficulties that need to be addressed, such as how to deal with illegal immigrants who have children in the United States. How is it that these issues should be handled? I feel this is very closely related to fairness because I find it necessary to question whether my way of thinking is justifiable and whether I am factoring in the thinking of others.