Management of Care – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Management of Care" is a great example of a personal statement on nursing. Is it not really that many people today have their lives turned upside down, unaware of what or how to do to regain normalcy status? My fascination with health sciences and taking care of the destitute started when I was 10 years, as my mother often instilled in me the need to take care of my siblings. Since then, my life has been outshined with compassion for others and my interest in health medicine has been undying.

Getting the opportunity to join the university and undertake a course in health care fields will be a step forward towards attaining my goal.   Throughout my academic life, I believed that management of care is of vital prominence to the wellbeing of our contemporary generation, and it is not astonishing that I enjoyed all healthcare-related modules offered in college. I hoped that my curiosity and longtime dream of working in the health care sector would ultimately be realized. My education, particularly the acquisition of the BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Health and Social Care qualification coupled with my completion of the NCFE Level 2 Certificate in the Principles of Dementia Care, bolstered my ability to work under unpredictable circumstances and remaining calm even in situations where patients have the most upsetting behaviors.

I have been putting this into practice since 2011 to-date working in the health field as a care assistant. Among the tasks that I undertake on a daily routine include working and supporting people with dementia, meeting the psychological and physical needs of patients including helping them groom, drink, and feed.

I can attribute my success in this field to Diploma in Hospitality, which I acquired a few years ago. Additionally, I have an unsurpassed knowledge in health records management which has seen me engage in the clear and precise recording of information as per the guidelines of various departments within the care field. It is for this reasons, exposure, and passion in health care that I believe given the opportunity to study health care fields in the university will help me become better and later bring a positive contribution to the field of care management.

Since I completed the BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in December 2014, if the university gives me the chance to advance my education, I believe that the knowledge and skills I acquired in the course will strengthen my intention of later becoming a deputy ward manager working in Health care fields organizations. I hope to attain the deputy status in the near future and kindly urge the university to consider my application since this will be an opportunity to uncover more and become even better.

As a middle-level English speaker, I have the ability to communicate fluently within and without the studying environment. This ability will help me build and cooperate with groups for the effective and efficient accomplishment of the university’ s goals as well as in my career life. However, I admit that I have to improve my comprehension of the international languages that I will constantly be interacting within the professional field. I am undertaking introductory courses in international languages to contain the effects.

Meeting people and learning new things are among my predominant hobbies. Consequently, I will be shadowing the activities of medical professionals and instructors in an effort to gain a deeper and profound understanding of health care management. In college, I learned that a health care field manager participates in diverse relationships including interacting with caregivers, hospital administrators, nurses, physicians, and social workers. These relationships, which are becoming more multifaceted, are vital in improving efficiency in care provision and delivery. As a student, I will utilize this realization to ensure successful completion of the course by constantly interacting with other students in the field, undertaking regular field studies and bombarding the instructors with questions pertaining to the care sector as a way of assisting other students to learn.

Eventually, I will take advantage of my vast knowledge of research to undertake a research project that will practically be applied in patient care. Fear and pain kill joy. My determination is to see that patients and other destitute persons within society get the best care. Given an opportunity to join the university and undertake a course in health care fields, my effective communication skills and opulent research background will ensure that I eventually help in delivering the care that many people currently require.

My interest in studying care management remains firm despite the challenges experienced by those in the field. The care that I have unknowingly been offering since my childhood will be put to more constructive use. My love for patients is not enough to help them live independently and I am enthusiastically waiting for the opportunity to learn the rest.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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