How Honest Will I Be In The World Of Business – Personal Statement Example

The paper "How Honest Will I Be In The World Of Business?" is an excellent example of a business essay. This is the question I ask myself all the time not only if I will be in business but also in dealing with other people.  I am not yet a businessman myself so I will answer the question the way I deal with people right now because most likely, it will be the manner that I will deal with business in the future. I always follow the principle of fairness in all my dealings.  Being fair meant not taking advantage of other people’s weakness and not defrauding them.  I always believe that honesty is the best policy and I believe that the same also applies to the world of business.  I believe that integrity is important not only in personal relationship but also in business because everything starts with a trust.  One cannot make relationships without being trustworthy.  The same applies to business.  One cannot earn customers if customers do not trust the businessperson or the company he or she represents.  I also keep my promises and translating that to business in the future, I believe that I will always abide by whatever business agreement that I will commit myself.  I also strive to work for the greater good of my community and translating that to business, that would mean doing business not only for the sake of profit but also on how to make the community better and the lives of other people better.  I appreciate integrity.  I believe being true even without somebody