Benefits of Community Membership in Golden Key International Honors Society – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Benefits of Community Membership in Golden Key International Honors Society" is an amazing example of a personal statement on education. Golden Key International Honors Society is an internationally known society that is spread in over four hundred universities and colleges all over the world. The society strives to provide a standard of scholastic achievement, as well as philosophies of respect, innovation, integrity, diversity, and collaboration. It is based on three pillars; Leadership, Academics and Service (“ Unlock Your Potential, ” 2012). This implies that equips its members with skills that enable them to have a society that lives communally, support one another, and has a promise and vision.

On the other hand, it helps individuals develop the urge to realize their professional, personal, as well as altruistic goals (“ Unlock Your Potential, ” 2012). In this regard, it is true that Golden Key plays an imperative role in packaging an individual into becoming a responsible and hardworking person. I have been a member of the Golden Key Society for four years now, and I can confess that it has been extremely beneficial to me.

Being a member of an internationally renowned society as this has given me an opportunity to brush shoulders with the high and mighty. For instance, I once had an opportunity to meet Bill Clinton, who happens to be a member of the society too. It was a thrilling experience sharing ideas and listening to the former president of the United States of America talk to us on leadership skills. When we shook hands, it was as if I was dreaming. I cannot list and name all the important luminaries whom I have been linked to and shared a platform with as a result of being a member of Golden Key. Golden Key society is aimed at promoting the academic achievement of individuals.

As a member, it is my sole responsibility to ensure that I perform exemplary in my academics. Therefore, it is worth noting that society members have enabled me to maintain a 4.0 GPA, as well as continue with my exemplary performance in class. This is because we normally organize group discussions where we deliberate on some of the problems we encounter in our classwork.

Additionally, we deliberate on modes of improving our grades in subjects that prove to challenge us. As a member of Golden Key, I have received grants and funding to enable me to pursue my education further, as well as to conduct research work that is beneficial for the growth and development of the society. Golden Key society has given me the opportunity to attend several seminars and workshops where I have received important training on leadership skills. In this forums and seminars, guest speakers always give us advice and direct us on the way forward on leadership roles.

Additionally, the seminars have given me an opportunity to meet people from other countries and we have shared important tenets of good leadership. On top of that, we have constantly sharpened our teamwork skills since we are made to work together in groups. Therefore, I have come to realize that creating an atmosphere for people to work together is an important leadership skill that should be taken seriously for all aspiring leaders. Service to the community is one of the pillars in which Golden key is built.

Therefore, in order to ensure that I operate within the requirements of society, I have committed myself to community service. Annually, I spend over fifty hours attending to the elderly in the community care home. During my hours of service, I help in doing laundry for the elderly, as well as keeping them company during their resting times. It is fun listening and talking to these people as they give pieces of advice and educate me on key issues affecting our lives.

I would say, participating in community service is a blessing in disguise since it gives one the pride and joy of doing something good for another person. This opportunity accorded me by Golden Key enables me to touch other people’ s hearts and put a smile on their faces. Golden Key society has enabled to meet several people from all walks of life. Since it is an internationally acclaimed society with charters in over four hundred colleges and universities, the exchange programs and seminars offered are extremely beneficial. This is because members from different countries get an opportunity to meet with one another and share their cultures, ideas, opinions, and views.

This is extremely important since it enables members to learn from one another and facilitate the development of their personal mission, as well as goals in life. This plays an integral role in producing responsible and motivated individuals who can make a difference in the world.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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