Lack of Education as the Main Reason for Not Landing a Quality Job – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Lack of Education as the Main Reason for Not Landing a Quality Job" is a brilliant example of a personal statement on English. I am an experienced professional Cook. My previous employments have been as a Head Cook at four different top four-star restaurants; all in the Las Vegas area. The recession has resulted in my present state of unemployment. Although I have several years of experience behind me yet I need to improve my skills further. My lack of education is the main reason for not landing a quality job.

I, therefore, need to upgrade my educational status as well in pursuit of a better career. I am certain that studying in this esteemed institution can change my life.   I assure you that you will find in me a hard-working student and determined to achieve the high standards expected from your students. My mission in life is to qualify not only as an expert gourmet cook but to master the art of professional kitchen management, including procurement of the right ingredients. I am sure that through hard work I will get a good position in a leading restaurant and in time to be able to open my own in a niche food outlet in the future.

Without a doubt, this can only be achieved with your kind assistance.   I hope this committee will consider me a suitable candidate for support. I am an honest and hard working person and will do my best to upgrade myself and to capitalize on the guidance provided by your exalted institute. I am a family man and responsibility is something I understand and respect.

I look forward to your favorable response.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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