Ethics - Many Shades of Grey – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Ethics - Many Shades of Grey" is a wonderful example of a personal statement on social science. Ethics is not always being black or white. Many times, it is in grey shades. Similarly, the meaning of ethics will also be not exactly the same for all. My definition of ethics can be, “ what my conscience says right” … but it is just a plausible definition for others, because they may think… what is acceptable by the society is ethics. By understanding ethics, we can just differentiate between the right and wrong, and good and bad.

By following ethics we can determine our moral value-bearing capacity without making our assessment unrealistic. We are asked to follow ethics in every sphere of life, the way we plan, organize and execute tasks given to us, with the determination of the outcome measures ourselves. The prime importance is given to the societal causes, benefits, and development of an ideal world. If each one of us makes an evaluation of the self and takes corrective and preventive measures, then only we can move towards a direction of creating a perfect world and can execute the societal causes. Plato says that moral values are absolute values, and are controlled by divine powers, whereas, Bentham’ s approach is more realistic, as we judge our own actions, by seeking pleasure or pain by them. Plato’ s ethics says if something is bad, it is bad; one can/should not do this ever.

If someone follows Bentham’ s ethics, the person will judge his own actions by weighing against the right and wrong. We cannot steal, as, since childhood, we listen that stealing is bad, probably, we would die if we are seen stealing something. I deal with medical ethics and clinical research.

The safety of the patient is one of the ethical principles that need to be followed throughout clinical research practice worldwide. I would always weigh the benefit-risk ratio for a patient, before my commercial interests… .and as per my definition of ethics, if my conscience allows it.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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