Job Search: Personal Experience – Personal Statement Example

The paper "Job Search: Personal Experience" is an exceptional example of a personal statement on human resources.
Available job openings can be got from four main sources. The first being job portals, these include a variety of available jobs and provide a chance for people to apply for jobs which they are suitable for. The second source of applying for a job is through walk-in interviews. Most companies hold walk-in interviews which is an open-to-all type and works on first come first serve basis. The third type of application is through Employee Referrals. Here employees of a company can forward CVs of people known based on the skills set and the current open positions within the organization. The last types of application are the speculative application. Here the prospective employees are required to send in the CVs to a company, however, the application is not focused on one position but open for any job the employee skills might match.
Interview Preparation:
The most important aspect of any job is the skills. It is essential to ensure that the skill requirement and the possessed skills match with one another. It is very important to ensure that the employee is not overqualified for the job nor under qualified. Being overqualified would lead the employee to waste the skills possessed.
While preparing for an interview, the applicants need to prepare themselves with detailed examples from the previous work experience and from student life. These examples should be detailed for all competencies like self-motivation, innovativeness, leadership quality, confidence, and teamwork. The examples need to be very specific about a past happening at work or during student life where these competencies have been displayed.
Dressing needs to be very crisp clean clothes is much appreciated than scruffy jeans and t-shirts. For men, the most ideal dress would be a dark colored suit and for women suits with trousers or skirts. It is important that the applicants ensure they have a neat professional hairstyle. It is essential that if the applicants have tattoos, to cover them for the interview. Also if a lot of piercings, it would be best to remove the excess rings for the interview, leaving only earrings would be ideal.
Finally, the most important aspect for any interview is to be on ‘time’, preferably at least a quarter of an hour before the appointment time.