My Academic Interests – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "My Academic Interests" is an exceptional example of a personal statement on education. Ever since I was young, I have learnt to appreciate life – thanks to my mum who instilled in me discipline and taught me the importance of good time management. My mum often reminded me in a caring way that the small decisions that I make affect my everyday life. I believe these words have been a life lesson to me in my pursuit of happiness and self-actualization. Today, I am more decided about the kind of life I wish to lead and the kind of things I wish to do and the knowledge I need to acquire to fulfill my life goals.

Speaking of the knowledge I would like to gain, I am more than convinced that majoring in economics is my calling. I have come to realize this by doing a lot of souls searching; I have keenly considered the kind of things that interest me and those that I couldn’ t develop an interest in even if I was given a chance to live two lifetimes.

I have often been interested in learning the impact economic decisions have on people’ s lives, and on a personal level how economic forces may impact my happiness, health, and security. As a matter of fact, the financial crisis that hit the world recently has woken me to some facts that I previously ignored having never experienced a season of the recession of this magnitude before. I must learn at all costs how to make sound economic decisions regardless of the economic season. Indeed I would like to live in prosperity even when everyone else is complaining of a biting recession.

Studying economics at a higher level, I believe, will help me actualize this dream. By learning economics I will be able to have a clear vision that is paramount in making complex life decisions and solving some major problems that businesses face in the wake of globalization and localization of certain markets. I hope to pursue my education at USC diligently, maintaining the discipline I already have and by practicing whatever I learn in class through active participation.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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