Culture View: Chinese Background – Personal Statement Example

The paper "Culture View: Chinese Background" is a good example of a marketing personal statement.
Culture has a major impact on various decisions that individuals make in their daily lives. There are various cultural factors such as the values and norms of individuals that impact the purchasing decisions of all individuals. I belong to the Chinese background and my religion which is a subculture has always influenced my decision making. I and my family follow the teachings of Buddhism. Our religion preaches that individuals should live as a unit and as a family and any decision they may take in their life should take while giving consideration to the family and how the decision benefits the family. These teachings of Buddhism have been quite commonly practiced by my parents and they even expect me to follow these teachings. I have witnessed the willingly or unwillingly, Buddhism and its teachings of family value have always influenced all my purchasing decisions including my decision of gaining an education. The motive due to which I choose to attain higher education was solely to earn well and to assist my family financially and to help them in attaining a better lifestyle. People belonging to my culture do not only obtain education for their own development and for their individualistic needs. Their family needs are given precedence when it comes to education. The motive of providing a better life to the family is given more importance when deciding whether to opt for higher education or not. I believe that investing time and money on higher education will help me in attaining a high paying job and that will ultimately help me in providing my family a better lifestyle. Culture and cultural values are handed down to an individual by their family members. These cultural values are deeply embedded within an individual. For example, being a Chinese individual, I have been always told that the family comes first and then the self. My parents have for years given up on their own interest in order to benefit their children and to ensure that their children obtain the right education. Similarly, at a very young age I was told by my parents that when I will be grown up, I will be responsible for my family and their livelihood. These values have been deeply embedded within me and whenever I make any purchase decision I am reminded of what my family expects from me. So was the case while I was deciding about the career path I will be following. When I was choosing my majors, I have always thought of how my majors can benefit me in attaining a good job in future and in turn, this will help me in providing for my family and fulfilling the needs and desires of my family.