Internship Program with Cooking Corps – Personal Statement Example

The paper "Internship Program with Cooking Corps" is an excellent example of a personal statement on English. Please consider my resume enclosed in my application letter for an Internship Program with Cooking Corps. My education, leadership skills, and internship skills will make me an excellent intern who will communicate and associate with team members in producing healthy foods. Recently I earned a Master of Science in Applied Economics with a GPA: 3.30/4-0 at The Georgetown University after earning a Bachelor of Science in Economics with a Minor Degree in Mathematics with a GPA: 3.70/4-0 at the Pennsylvania State University.  In addition to my economic skills, I bring to the table diverse skills that I garnered from different internships as well as computer skills that I gained through using Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Computer Programming in my daily activities. Since starting college, I have held my internships in five organizations. In those organizations, I learned how to coordinate activities as well as evaluating projects that enhance the achievement of an organization’s goals. In addition to participating in research projects, I also collected historical financial information and provided consultancy for a manufacturing company. Additionally, I received training on accounting and auditing basics from my internships. Apart from professional activities, I also participated in social activities; I organized team members as well as tutoring programs in enhancing the provision of supplement class-teachings. Currently, I yearn to gain cooking experience. I am impressed with the activities that take place in Cooking Corps, and I would very much like to gain cooking experience from such a company. The enclosed resume provides more information about my qualifications and skills gained from different organizations. I live in Dove Street and am available at your convenience. Please contact me at (355) 777-2121 when you need me. Thank you for reviewing my qualifications, and I look forward to speaking with you.