Clinical Handover in Health Care – Personal Statement Example

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The paper " Clinical Handover in Health Care" is a perfect example of a personal statement on nursing. Hand over processes have also been referred to as handoff, patient transfer and it may involve Nursing and midwifery shift to shift transfer, junior to senior clinicians, inter-facility transfer, between medical teams, and maybe a transfer to the medical teams. It is the process that sees through the transfer of accountability and professional responsibility for some or all that concerns the care of that particular patient or a group of patients to another professional group.

In addition, it should be a very effective process with already determined clinical success factors and limitations of successful hand over strategies. Moreover, good practice should carry an aspect of being transferable and sustainable. And above all, it should be able to bridge the gaps in the evidenced base hand over process. All this can be achieved through the constant sourcing for new pieces of information that are available from the peer-reviewed journals and other articles of relevance to the area of expertise. As a nursing student, I have always developed the passion to do more and achieve academic, professional, and statutory requirements.

My understanding of hand over includes a ritual practice of analyzing caseloads at the start of every shift. ‘ This is a very essential practice as it involves regular analysis of patients hand over case studies’ (Jeffcott et al, 2007). As a matter of fact, the caseloads are divided into several groups of people who work in teams. ‘ Teamwork is a pertinent thing in hand over especially the nursing scenario where we might be required to work in shifts’ ((Bianco, 2008).

I was allocated a team which was my colleague and me; I was to look at the case study hand over laboratory one and them hand over to my colleague who was to hand it over back to me. My lab one analysis was a little bit more confusing; I had a theoretical understanding of all the details that are involved in a handover. It Includes information on the leadership, time, place which could be either face to face or at the bed site, the history of the patient, the current status of the patients, the preferred intervention to be conducted.

Lab one HND had bed no, the details of the patient, admission; History, the recommended diet for the patient, mobility, and the comments. According to me, this was a shallow hand over-report. The second report was good, I was now enlightened and I had improved my speed in handling and coordination which took me less time because I had decided to use a different technique, IOSBAR tool. It improved my timing in analyzing what I needed to do with almost 35%.

It was over the bed site handover which informs the patient and allows informed consent of the patient. Face to face will not provide you much of the information as might be required while the taped handover is the worst kind of hand over because somebody will feed you with the theories he or she wants to believe, there are no questions and clarification and kills the team factor.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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