Aspects Needed in Volunteering with a Nursing Home – Personal Statement Example

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The paper “ Aspects Needed in Volunteering with a Nursing Home“ is a thoughtful variant of personal statement on nursing. The goal of the civic project is to serve a community voluntarily. Serving communities may be in a number of types. Serving the poor, orphans, old age homes, nursing homes and other communities can be termed as some of the communities the volunteers can select for the service. According to spiritual texts, Jesus ranked the stuff regarding “ love your neighbor” at a very high standard. This loving of the neighbor is second only to the ultimate commandment regarding love.

The love for the neighbor should not be sentimental or feel-good love. That can be termed as an action word. This was time and again demonstrated in parables and illustrated in life. When loving a neighbor there is a bar regarding language and race. The members who are rejected or least bothered by society can also be considered as neighbors. Generally, neighbors are the persons who reside beside us. When I feel that every person who is in need and neglected by society needs concern, I want to treat him as my neighbor and I can show compassion towards him.

When I want to do something to them, I found the need for collaboration with my friends and other neighbors to get their caliber also into my effort. This needs a good listening to the people who need and who we need them. Without listening nothing can be learned and one cannot achieve anything. The listening helped me to understand the agony of the neglected ones, and it made me understand the capacity of the people who can help me in civic projects.

When I want to explain my activities to the persons who intend to help me, first I need to listen to them. This will enable me to coordinate and deliver the needed help. CollaborationTo view the people who differ in opinions, religions, beliefs, languages, and lifestyles the collaboration will help a lot in working with them. The gospel of Mathew states that the people who are poor in spirits and who mourn will be blessed in heaven. Those who collaborated with me to make them lively are capable of creating heaven on earth.

In the gospel of Mathew, Jesus talks about fulfilling the needs of the less privileged and needy and not abolishing them. This needs collaboration. This collaboration arises from the timely “ love thy neighbor” illustration. If the nursing home is a charitable one, the patients in it need more attention and compassion from the persons who treat them. When I chose a nursing home to volunteer, I acquired the knowledge and capability of relieving human suffering and understood their feelings.

The activities I select to do make them feel like the ones equal to us. Cleaning and polishing their nails resulted in making them clean as they are not able to clean themselves perfectly due to depression. When I gave them Easter eggs, my intention is to make them one with me and giving partnership in the things I enjoy. The small presentations they receive made them active mentally and their spirits will be made high. In my opinion, the social program of volunteering the nursing home will be successful in arresting the cycle of disadvantage.

The ignorance and negligence regarding preventable diseases will make them vulnerable and land them into pitiable situations. This needs communication with them to remove their negligence and ignorance and collaboration with the charitable organizations to treat them freely. In this manner when I volunteered with the nursing home, that too charitable made the civic project to make use of the collaborative process.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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