Charles Cullen: Healthcare Serial Killer – Personal Statement Example

The paper "Charles Cullen: Healthcare Serial Killer" is an exceptional example of a personal statement on nursing.
As a health care practitioner, I feel very sad to hear people losing their lives at the expense of unprofessional nurse. I totally disagree with the conduct of this nurse and I would call it unprofessional because of a bigger number of patients that have lost their lives through him. Based on my disagreement, I am to the opinion that the nurse (the serial killer), must be suffering from a serious disorder and should not only be put into prison but also treated of that condition as he gets relieved off his duties (Ramsland, 2014).
I agree to have heard of such similar cases of patients losing their lives due to the negligence of a nurse, however, I would consider this case to be of the highest magnitude and very much surprised why it took too long to be unearthed because drug discharge takes place through a computerized system. Backing up my reason for agreement, people have lost their lives and nothing can be done to reinstate this, but proper precautions should be taken by hospital administration to prevent similar occurrences in future (Ramsland, 2014).
I do not agree with the speed at which hospital responded to this case because any case of a patient losing a life due to the negligence of a healthcare personnel always subjects the hospital and its management to bear the responsibility. Therefore, in this case, the hospital should have taken adequate precautions at the initial intoxication of the first patient whose life had been saved from an overdose, which did not happen. In support of my disagreement, the hospital action is best described as quite inactive because, even after realizing about the unscrupulous cancelation of the transactions no immediate action was taken to ascertain the cause (Ramsland, 2014).
The hospital action to this case is a clear indication of negligence and unprofessionalism in the line of administration because keen monitoring should have been the priority. Considering the fact that the institutions are dealing with people’s lives, management staff should be made to bear the responsibility.