Internship Preparation Analysis: The Abu Dhabi Marine Operating – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Internship Preparation Analysis: The Abu Dhabi Marine Operating " is a great example of a personal statement on education. Introduction Internships are usually designed for the purpose of expanding a student’ s depth as well as breadth in academic learning in their specific areas study. To me, I view it as an opportunity for me to apply theories that I have learned in the class to particular experiences in the job world. In their careers, students are encouraged to undertake an internship that will help them in heightening their awareness of different issues in the community, motivate them in creating new opportunities as well as embracing of new ideas (Grinnell College, 2014).

This internship report aims at presenting information about the organization I will undertake my internship. The report is also presenting my internship objectives and the questions that I will ask about the company. The company that I will undertake my internship is the Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company. Background Industry Description The oil and gas sector in Abu Dhabi contributes a large portion of the UAE gas and oil production. In fact, UAE is known to be the most reliable producers as well as exporters of crude oil in the world.

The oil and gas industry in the UAE is a significant contributor to the GDP in the region. UAE has the seven largest reserves that are proven in the world for oil as well as natural gas. Most of these reserves are in Abu Dhabi that holds 95% of oil in the nation and 94% of natural gas reserves. ADMA-OPCO is one of the oils and natural gas companies in Abu Dhabi.

It is an offshore oil resource for the region. It is a joint venture that was formed between BP, Joico, ADNOC, and Total (UAE Interact, 2015). Corporate History and Background The beginning of establishing ADMA-OPCO started in the year 1962 by Umm Shaif who explored 254,554 barrels of crude oil in the Das Islands harbor. The first crude oil was shipped to Japan. Exploration of oil in the Island was as a result of searching for oil within the offshores of Abu Dhabi. The search for oil in the area started during the early 1950s when it was first established that oil is present in that part of Abu Dhabi.

A team that wanted to negotiate with the leader of the region came from England to get a concession for searching oil in the coastal area (ADMA-OPCO, 2015). In the year 10972, BP joined the company by selling its 45% of its shares to ADMA-OPCO. By then, the company was known as Abu Dhabi Marine Areas (ADMA) Ltd owned by a Japanese consortium. The ADMA Company was later given the name Oil Development Corporation (JODCO) which became an active partner with the new venture of ADMA.

An agreement on participating that was created in the year 1974 formed the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) whose responsibility was to oversee the operations of oil and gas on behalf of the government within the Emirates. ADNOC acquired a 60% interest from the concession and became the largest shareholder in the company. In the year 1977, a national corporate body ADMA-OPCO was established for the purpose of succeeding ADMA Ltd.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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