What Stress Means to Me – Personal Statement Example

The paper "What Stress Means to Me?" is a great example of a personal statement on psychology. Scientifically, stress is the whole response of a living creature towards burdens or tensions from its surroundings. In human beings, stress is a state of psychological or emotional tension or pressure occurring from negative or highly demanding conditions (Parker & Salmela-Aro, 2011). I think stress originates from interactions between individuals and the surroundings.
Among the things that cause stress for me is competition at school. I am often attempting to enter into the best academic programs, graduate to psychology school, or enroll in other specialized programs. The competition for qualifying for any of these initiatives can be very overwhelming. Studying for a thinking about proceeding to any of these programs usually dates over my thinking process, which can drain the fun out of this course. Workloads are another cause of stress for me. Most lecturers give out most of their assignments and projects and expect us to complete them individually. When these handouts occur in large numbers, making time for breaks and group work becomes extremely difficult. Lastly, financial problems are a cause of stress for me. Paying for books, tuition fees, transport, and accommodation is very hard despite having a part-time job. The income from these lines of work is not enough to cover these expenses. Furthermore, attempting to qualify for financial aid just adds to my workload.
Strategies are used to cope with these causes of stress include massage, meditation, and occasional medication. A massage can relieve physical tension acquired when attempting to complete my workloads. I always find a positive correlation between stress and meditation. Although the school clinic can prescribe mild antidepressants when I am truly overworked, I often do not find them quite as helpful as meditation or massages.