A Bachelor of Science Degree Intends to Get a Major in Statistics – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "A Bachelor of Science Degree Intends to Get a Major in Statistics" is a great example of a personal statement on statistics. Growing up, I wanted to pursue my education in the United sowing to the fact that it has the best institutions of learning and offers competitive career opportunities for graduates. I was born in China but moved to the U. S. to pursue my undergraduate degree. In the four years that I have lived in the country, I have learned a lot from the diverse population and on top of this, I recently graduated, with a bachelor of science degree in May 2014, from the University of Kansas.

I majored in mathematics and minored in business. My academic preference has always been inclined towards the field of mathematics. This has given me a firm foundation for statistical and mathematical inquiry and equipped me with the skills and competencies that are needed to survive in a professional career in the same field.   My job at Nantong Chengchang Mechanical Engineering Co. Ltd. gave me a chance to experience the practical aspect of the business.

Additionally, it gave me diverse knowledge in various sectors including mathematics and statistics. I served as a teaching assistant at the University of Kansas, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences. This experience taught me how to interact with people from various backgrounds. This experience also improved my public speaking capabilities. Through other work experience, I have learned the value of leadership skills, customer services, and the significance of thoroughness and dependability. I have a wide range of core competencies that I have acquired over the years. I am flexible, meticulous and analytically minded and possess strong logical reasoning skills, all of which are important for the study of mathematics and statistics.

I deal with challenges head-on and have excellent multitasking capabilities. I am a supportive team player and have demonstrated dedication and positive work ethics over the years. I am a fast learner and have excellent public speaking and excellent interpersonal communication, as throughout my stay in the United States I have interacted with individuals from different socio-cultural backgrounds. My bilingual competency is demonstrated through my fluency in English and native Chinese.

I have an excellent understanding of MS Office including PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. I am also highly skilled in C++ and STATA software. I am familiar with programming languages such as Java and Pascal. This is definitely an advantage in the study of statistics and mathematics. My academic qualifications are a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and a minor in Business from the University of Kansas. My work experience at Nantong Chengchang Mechanical Engineering Co. Ltd. was eye-opening and helped in developing requisite skills.

In this company, I productively took part in controlling various daily operations. I actively participated in streamlining the setting-up of a production and safety management technique. This resulted in improved efficiency in plant management. Additionally, I engaged in the formulation of two tender processes during the entity’ s bid on two contracts with China International Marine Containers. The company, as a result, won one of the tenders. My experience as a teaching assistant at the University of Kansas, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Mathematics Department, taught me valuable lessons.

I developed a plan that helped students achieve a better understanding of the course materials. The students recorded improved performance in their tests and assignments. I have excellent leadership skills since I served as an orientation volunteer in the International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) at the university. I have won awards in the National Olympiad in Informatics (NOI) in 2003 (Second Prize), 2004 (Third Prize) and 2006 (Tenth Place). This demonstrates my spirit to compete and succeed in all that I do. To sum up, I am a highly motivated, dynamic and focused undergraduate with a passion for statistics and mathematics, database management, and strong research inquiry.

I am also keen on details. I am enthusiastic and self-driven and seek an opportunity to study in a healthy and supportive learning environment that fosters leadership skills and professional growth while encouraging the development of the team spirit. I believe that my core competencies, educational background, work experience, and awards demonstrate why I am an appropriate candidate to pursue a major in statistics at the University of Kansas.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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