Pursuing a Masters in Economics – Personal Statement Example

Personal ment Being an international has taught me a lot about the association economics has with lives and aspirations of people. Experience has shown to me that economics is a science and a discipline that not only directly impacts people, but that also plays a major role in shaping choices that people make in their life.
In pursuance of my academic goals, I left my home country to study at Business College in Singapore and was then transferred to J&WU in America. Studying in Singapore and the US not only happened to be an insightful academic experience, but the unique economic makeup and traditions of these nations did leave a strong impact on me. The interesting thing about Singapore was that irrespective of being a thriving capitalist economy, the nation evinced a minimal tolerance for corruption. In contrast, I found that US though again being a capitalist nation, unlike Singapore, did rely on a more liberal and decentralized approach towards managing economic issues. It was indeed amazing to see as to how different nations do contrive frameworks and modes of governance, aimed at encouraging and sustaining their economic growth, in consonance with their respective cultures and past historical influences. Thereby, it was at the US that I first identified the role economics plays in shaping and influencing cultures around the world.
During my senior year I returned back to my home country. Here I worked as an intern in an insurance company during the summers. The human facet of the science of economics which I identified during my stay in Singapore accrued an enhanced understanding while working in an industry that was directly related to human fears and insecurities. It was indeed an eye opening experience to see as to how corporations and individuals did rely on economic analysis and knowledge to manage and alley their fears and apprehensions. I never knew that human emotionality and fear do play such salient role in shaping and molding economic decisions. This further stoked my interest in Economics.
Hence, it was my acquired interest in and aptitude for economics that did indeed play a salient role in shaping my pursuant academic choices. I returned back to America and pursued further studies at SBU. I graduated this summer with a double major in economics and business management. At present I am working at a law office in Queens as an assistant to the GM.
My academic endeavors and work experience made me clearly see that though nations happen to differ in terms of cultures, values and modes of governance, yet, economics is a discipline that inevitably links them. The fundamental urge to make a maximal use of the available resources is an objective that is common to all nations around the world. Economics does have a human face in the sense that people around the world do intend to optimally exploit their time, energy and money to better their lives. It is this aspect of economics that I find so fascinating and interesting. Hence, it is my conviction that pursuing a Masters in Economics in your school will further enhance my pragmatic and human centric understanding of the fine art of economics. This will indeed help me become an accomplished and successful professional in the times to come.