Transfering to a New University – Personal Statement Example

The paper "Transfering to a New University" is an exceptional example of a personal statement on education.
I am extremely unsatisfied at the where I am currently studying. The reasons are multiple. Nowadays I am seriously planning to transfer myself to another university. For this purpose, I have consulted with an academic advisor and narrated to him the reasons why I want to do so.
My present university is located in a remote area where I can not find a part-time job. Without getting a part-time job it is growing almost impossible to continue my studies as my parents are unable to afford my academic expenses. I want to get myself transferred to a university located in a city where I shall be able to achieve my objective of earning money. Furthermore, the new university is a government-funded national university, which finances the needy students. This is a motivated objective for me to transfer to another university.
The teacher-student interaction in my present university is weak. A lack of friendly environment leads to a minimum level of discussion among them. Resultantly positive personality grooming of the students is lacking in this university. I hope in the new university I shall be able to achieve my objective of positive improved interaction between teachers and students.
One of the objectives I hope to achieve in transferring to a new university is to involve myself in extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities are scarcely emphasized in this institution so the students suffer from lack of confidence. Exploration of hidden qualities of the students is only possible due to such type of activities.
The university where I am presently studying is not providing industry-based training. So I want to transfer myself to another university where I hope that I shall obtain my objective of industry-based training and get a high-caliber university degree.
The university where I intend to transfer is offering special English classes for students whose native language is not English. This is another important reason for the transfer.
Personal Activity
Growing various types of plants, flowering or nonflowering is known as gardening. My hobby is gardening which is a relaxing hobby and luxury in today’s mechanical time. I acquired this hobby from my mother who is a botanist by profession. Since my childhood, I saw my mother taking a keen interest in looking after plants.
My hobby allows me to get in touch with the earth and from this earth, I grow beautiful, soothing plants. I need only a few tools like a spade, rake, and hoe etc. which are very cheap.
I usually visit the beautiful gardens of the city and learn much from their owners.
I feel internal satisfaction by growing my kitchen garden. From where I obtain fresh onion, garlic, tomatoes, chilies, cucumber, coriander, mint, and other herbs. My happiness is worth seeing when I pick up these fresh vegetables with my own arms.