Idea of Becoming a Nurse – Personal Statement Example

The paper "Idea of Becoming a Nurse" is a good example of a personal statement on nursing. I have always adored the idea of becoming a nurse. My aunt who is a nurse corps officer has been my role model since I was a little girl. Her commitment and passion in delivering quality and effective healthcare to the army encourage me to work in the nursing field with the aim of offering care to the sick and elderly in the public. I have been pursuing academic qualifications for becoming a nurse. Indeed, last year I graduated with a bachelor of science in public health. I have also passed my English proficiency tests having attained the required GPA and Test requirements from accredited bodies. I also derived working experience in the nursing field from palm garden nursing home where I worked for more than a year as a receptionist and medical records assistant. I possess good communication, analysis, and reporting skills that are fundamental in nursing practice. Moreover, I have personal interests in research, basketball, and community service where I volunteer in community programs. I have debating and leadership skills that will help me to assume leadership roles. Having graduated with a bachelor of science in public health from a recognized institution, I believe I have the necessary qualifications, skills, and experience to join this college to pursue an Accelerated second-degree program. Despite my qualification as a certified nursing assistant, I have chosen to focus on my career objective of becoming a registered nurse by working on a part-time basis and enrolling in a full-time undergraduate program in your esteemed institution.
I have a conviction that Utica College has enough resources, faculty staff, research materials, libraries, and laboratories to help me attain my career goal of becoming a registered nurse. Apparently, Utica College has sufficient facilities and competent staff to nurture a registered nurse. Utica College is a convenient place of study for me since it is accessible. The new campus located in the Tampa Bay area is only a short distance from our place of residence. I can manage to commute to this campus daily. The Accelerated second-degree program will only take sixteen months to complete and hence very convenient for me. Moreover, my parents have promised me all the necessary financial support to pursue my dream profession. The attainment of this degree will be a milestone towards becoming a registered nurse.
I have dedicated all my efforts and time towards the realization of this dream. My love, passion, and concern for the sick and elderly define a personality that correlates with the nursing practice. I believe my dedication to this course will yield positive results in the near future. As such, the opportunity to join the Accelerated second-degree program at Utica College will be an important step in my career. I will remain committed to my work, set regulations, effective interactions, and focus on the college’s vision and mission upon my enrollment.
I look forward to a positive response.
Sincerely yours,