A Senior Student of Stony Brook University Pursuing Business Finance Applying for a Degree Course in Mathematics and Statistics, Majoring in Computational Mathematics – Personal Statement Example

Purpose ment I am a senior of Stony Brook pursuing business finance in the I herebywrite to apply for a degree course in applied mathematics and Statistics, majoring in computational mathematics. The reason why I have decided to pursue this course is because I have majored in business finance a course that is dependent on computational skills. In this light, pursuing a career in Applied Mathematics and Statistics will give an opportunity to expand my skill and increase my expertise in business finance.
Secondly, I have considered my choice of program along with my future career. As I embark on my academic program, I strive to prepare for a career as a financial analyst in the business market. From the career advice and the experience that I have shared, applied mathematics and statistics is a career that is demanded in the job market by many entrepreneurs. Therefore, learning this program will guarantee me with a job as soon as I complete my education in the university. If granted the opportunity to pursue this career, I will be one step closer to my career dreams.
My passion for mathematics is quite strong and started way back in my elementary education. Mathematics has been favorite subject and my performance has always been outstanding. Previously, I have performed well in calculus and hence I have strong passion for statistics. My applied mathematics and statistics major GPA is 3.7 and the cumulative GPA is 3.68. With this background, I feel that I will find it quite interesting to pursue this program and come out successfully. The reason why I want to major in both mathematics and finance is because the two programs are interrelated and I will have an opportunity to learn them simultaneously. Hence, the two programs will give me a concrete foundation as I pursue my career in the specialty of finance administration.
In my academic path, I have had several achievements along the line of my career. To start with, I am a member of the Golden Key International Honour Society. In this organization, we have formed a team of scholars who believe in the utilization of knowledge in the transformation of the society and improvement of the lives of citizens. As I pursue my career, it is one my goals to utilize the knowledge I will gain to contribute in the development of the society. In addition, I became an honour student in the college of business after writing a 25 page honour essay in the area of finance. These experiences have enriched my exposure to the business field in the institution.
The main reason I chose to pursue AMS in this institution is because it’s one of the most outstanding institutions that offer this course in the US. The school is ranked among the top twenty institutions in the US. Its school of mathematics has successfully assisted graduates in their mathematics career and their candidates have found it easy to find a job in the job market. The institution is respected for having the most professionally experienced lecturers especially in the field of mathematics and business. As such, I feel that this institution suits my academic needs and will guide me successfully through my career. In this light, I would highly appreciate if granted an opportunity to pursue this course in this institution.