A Hope to Contribute to the Society after the Completion of Bachelor and Masters Degree in Psychology – Personal Statement Example

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The paper “ A Hope to Contribute to the Society after the Completion of Bachelor and Master’ s Degree in Psychology" is a pathetic variant of a personal statement on psychology. I am a 39-year-old single mother of a student. I got recently engaged and I am currently pursuing my Bachelor’ s degree in Psychology from an Online University. I am a Systems Analyst/Engineer and a successful Entrepreneur.   I have been through several trials and tribulations in my life and it was my mother, who is a teacher by profession used to find great satisfaction in helping others, especially those she considered to be our future.

She was a source of inspiration to me and from her, I learned to put others before myself and find reward in giving back to the community, through philanthropic and volunteer work. Obstacles I met with challenges early in life. At the age of sixteen, I became pregnant with my first child, whom I had to give away for adoption because I lacked the financial, emotional and physical resources which were needed to give the baby a good life.

It was the hardest decision of my life and I went through a few years of emotional rollercoaster rides because of the choices I had made in my youth. It was with my second child that I resolved to turn my life around and became a medical assistant after attending Bryman College; I have been a driven and focused mother ever since and have also volunteered and participated in all of my son’ s school activities. Academic Pursuits for Financial Stability In my pursuit of self-improvement and in order to enhance my career skills to achieve financial stability, I obtained Microsoft Certifications to qualify as a Systems Engineer and Administrator.

These certifications gave me the opportunity to gain employment with a wonderful job in Information Technology. I now have the financial funds required, to pursue a Bachelor’ s degree in Psychology. I have bought a house and have also presented my son with endless academic opportunities which I had resolved to do, in the memory of my mother. I am proud to say that my eighteen-year-old son is currently pursuing Architecture at a Private university in California.

Aspirations I have been juggling a 40 hour a week plus job as a Systems Analyst/Engineer, I also own ‘ Mahogani E2 Consulting Business’ which provides onsite technology consulting. i.e. home or business network setup, web page developing, software training, server administration, virus, spyware removal, etc and I am also a Wine Consultant for ‘ Wine Shop At Home’ . Now that my son is in college, I can focus on my personal goals and aspirations which I had put aside, in order to give my family a financially and economically secure life.

I have had to restrain myself and focus on me; as putting others first had become second nature for me. Apart from my commercial commitments, I was also a Web Master/Developer for the local High School Band and a ‘ Family Scholarship Program & Website’ Developer. I have had to let go of a lot of volunteer activities in my life (I was the Booster President of the High School from 2007-2009) so I can help more in a stronger capacity. I hope to contribute much more to my community, after the completion of my Bachelor’ s and Master’ s degree in Psychology Educational Psychology I aim to specialize in Educational Psychology, which focuses on, “ The study of learning outcomes, student attributes, and instructional processes directly related to the classroom and the school, such as the amount of instructional time or individual differences in school learning.

An educational psychologist helps gather information for teachers and parents when students have academic or behavioral problems. They assist by evaluating students thinking abilities and assessing individual strengths and weaknesses. Together, the parents, teachers, and educational psychologist formulate plans to help students learn more effectively” .

As quoted in  Pg 4 of the Overview of Proposed Legislation in “ Review and Evaluation of Legislation Related to Educational Psychologists Senate Bill No. 868” . Long Term Goals I intend to counsel teenagers between the ages of 13-18 years. And plan to eventually open ‘ A College Bound Center’ , for those who can’ t afford a college education or whose parents are unavailable to fund further studies. The Center will provide the tools a student must have, to graduate from high school and go directly to a four-year university.

Conclusion I am known to be focused, organized, and driven, analytical and creative and all I require is the academic expertise in Education Psychology which I hope to receive at your esteemed university. I hope to complete my education and aspirations, with determination and a drive to succeed; traits which I have inherited from my mother.

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