Chinese Student within the American Society – Personal Statement Example

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The paper "Chinese Student within the American Society" is a great example of a personal statement on education. Throughout my fifteen years stay in the Unites s, I have made some significant progress both in academic pursuits and in sports. Despite the many odds that I face as a Chinese student within the American society, I endeavor by all means possible to make a mark in the academic world and to improve my social intelligence by engaging in positive activities that help me adjust to the new social realities.

My worldview is shaped by the sum total of the Chinese and American influences. This dual influence has often presented unique challenges and opportunities, which have shaped the manner in which I perceive the reality in general and education in particular. I have learned to appreciate the diverse nature of humanity, which is united by similarities rather more than by differences.   Education and socialization have provided the means of integrating these influences into one harmonious reality that incorporates the best from both worlds. As a result, I have often considered myself as a global citizen willing to explore the opportunities available in various other interactions of an international nature.

As I have mentioned, sports remains one of my favourite vocations. I have participated in various sporting activities including football, swimming, and tennis at different stages of my education. In many of these activities, I have helped my different teams to triumph or perform impressively in many competitions. One of the most notable moments of triumph was when my team won the Pennsylvania State Championship in football. Naturally, I am a team player and usually take delight in all forms of accomplishments that result from good teamwork.

My good performance in sports is consistent with my own philosophy of hard work. Since childhood, I have learned to embrace the value of hard work as the only means by which I can lay claim to success and progress. It is my desire to translate the successes I earn in the sporting fields to the academic arena. I hold onto the view that the process of education usually entails a multiplicity of dimensions. Education takes place within a community setting and often relies on good interpersonal communication skills.

My participation in sporting activities has been one of the ways through which I have sought to improve my interpersonal skills. For instance, when I came to the United States, I could hardly communicate with English. However, the interpersonal skills that I have engaged in and outside the classroom have enabled me to acquire sufficient vocabulary, which I intend to build on as I advance in my academic career. Similar improvements have also been recorded in the field of mathematics and physics.

I believe in linear progress and consistency. In all my undertakings I always make sure that my successive results are better than the previous ones. For instance, I have consistently improved my grades as I have been continually overcoming the odds of communication in the English language. I also demonstrated this aspect of my personality when I scored 102 the first time I took TOEFL examinations, and the second time I scored 109. It is my desire to continue demonstrating this gradual and consistent progress in my academic activity. My sporting skills have always been outstanding, and this has made me easily noticeable for selection by various teams.

As a result, I have developed some significant measure of confidence that makes it possible for my engagement with other aspects of personal and communal development. As a sociable individual, I have participated in various community activities, particularly during my time as a freshman. Some of these activities included garbage collection and serving food to various groups. My nature is that I appreciate activities that give me the opportunity to serve the community.

My future goal is to have a profession that will enable me to apply my knowledge, skills, and talents to social development. This, according to my personal philosophy of education, should be the ultimate goal of education. I seek to join an educational institution that will further nurture my unique skills and potentials to the optimum. Such an institution should provide the kind of education that will unlock my unexplored potentials both in academic and social aspects. I have often held that all forms of professional development should be consistent with the development of personality in order to expose the true potentials of an individual.

I wish to engage in an education system that will harness and expand my experiences and potentialities for the good of humanity. Furthermore, I have followed with a keen interest in the issues of environmental conservation, conflict resolution, poverty eradication, and other subjects that affect human progress around the world. My future professional career should involve the pursuit of solutions to these global challenges. It is my hope that the college education that I seek will provide such an opportunity.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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