McDonalds New Communication Strategy – Outline Example

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The paper "McDonald’ s New Communication Strategy " is a perfect example of an outline on business. McDonald is a global fast-food restaurant chain operating thousands of local restaurants and serving millions of people in 119 countries every day. The company has brand recognition and enjoys a large market share in the world targeting adults and children. Lately, competition has stiffened due to the emergence of new chains, changing customer habits and increased demand for healthier foods. This company is facing a problem of low differentiation of its operations. The fast-food industry is rapidly growing but this company has not been able to considerably differentiate itself from other emerging fast-food chains enough to acquire some market share and opts to compete by price instead of new features.

The company may consider; Introduction of new features like redesigning of restaurants and adoption of new practices, addressing customer changing habits and new groups of customers by an introduction of business practices meant to satisfy their needs, and considering healthier foods and home delivery as an opportunity to reach more customers. To critically analyze this problem and conduct intensive research on possible solutions, a period of two months is a need with an estimated cost of $ 100 million and 50 staff to facilitate completion.

This company is faced with a critical problem and it is important to critically analyze possible solutions to such a problem. We, therefore, request your authorization to complete this analytical report, in which we will conduct intensive research and give logical recommendations that will help McDonald differentiate itself from other fast food chains.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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