Strengths-Based Nursing: A Case of Emma Gee Journey – Outline Example

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The paper "Strengths-Based Nursing: A Case of Emma Gee Journey" is an excellent example of an outline on nursing. Introduction (150 words) In the introduction, I will briefly highlight the case and the main issues under consideration. A brief overview of Emma Gee journey. The objective of the study. Strength-Based Nursing (400 words).   The strength-based principles will be identified. The study will also consider how these principles relate to the case of Emma. A brief overview of the theory. Analysis of principles relates to Emma’ s journey. Actual healthcare experience.

Outcomes after strengths-based principles implementation. Personal Experience with Emma’ s Case (500 words).   In this section, I will explore the experience that Emma went through to her recovery. It is a journey that will introduce most of the strength-based nursing principles. I will then consider details on the care she needed, decisions involved and planning taken into consideration. Focus on aspects of care. Decision making, Planning and recover. Think family (400 words) First, this section will review strategies for the involvement of Emma’ s family. This will review also the importance of the family involvement, considerations for family involvement, and use of Wellbeing Wheel in exploring health determinants to the provision of holistic wellbeing approach.

Principles of SBNC explicitly integrated throughout the discussion, including Empowerment of stakeholders through partnerships, Holistic approach to care. Focus on relationships (400 words) The approach in this section will consider approaches to strengthen connectedness in consideration of how an effective relationship could be established with Emma. In addition, the interdisciplinary consideration will be considered on how various professionals could work effectively to address her situation. Create a strengths-based nursing care plan (400 words).

Critical transition points in Emma Gee’ s case study. Develop a strengths-based nursing care plan. Conclusion (150 words)

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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