Revitalizing Bermuda: Tourism Policy Planning in a Mature Island – Outline Example

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The paper "Revitalizing Bermuda: Tourism Policy Planning in a Mature Island  " is a wonderful example of an outline on tourism. 1.1. Examining Bermuda: Tourism PlanningThe island of Bermuda is positioned in the Atlantic Ocean about 575 miles east of North Carolina. Bermuda is taken by many as a wonderful tourists’ attraction with turquoise waters, first-class activities, and accommodations. Bermuda comprises of more than 100 islands with the most northerly coral reefs within the globe. Bermuda is principally a British colony although it has been self-governed since 1620. After evaluating the island of Bermuda from the tourism industry’ viewpoint, it can be learned of its successes likewise to its attempts to revitalizing the tourism industry.   Gunn (1988), For the sake of tourism policy planning in Bermuda, we are first reminded of various positive realities which we can see in its tourism picture.

It is obvious; the tourism sector is a big part of Bermuda’ s economy. Bermuda is an interesting case study, it was considered as a supreme model for a narrowly defined tourist destination. However, at the beginning of the 1990s, it fell into less affluent times.

It is important to note that Bermuda encountered a major deterioration of its visitor count in the starting of the early 1990s that had a big effect on the country in general. By studying the ups and downs of Bermuda tourist economy, and related Bermuda’ s tourism committee work, we can analyze some lessons which enable us to exercise for more victorious and accountable tourism in Bermuda. 2. Summary of Critical Issues As a tourism plan is being established to bring more people into the island, the Government’ s National Tourism Plan revamps into the Bermuda struggling tourism industry with an advisor to evaluate its key areas of performance which addresses the following issues: A potential problem to the tourism authority. Investments of Bermuda potential areas in new hotels amongst other establishments. The building of a Convention of Centre. The way of positioning Bermuda Island as a year-round destination for tourists. Advancing the island as the haven for medical tourism. 3.

Discussion of the factors which render to island’ s problems or issuesVeal (2002), the plan to rejuvenate Bermuda, will evaluate the island’ s legislation and competition status, with the outlook of courting foreign and local scrutiny in tourism.

Business Development and Tourism Ministry had ordered for RFP proposal getting the consultant informing the plan. The request for establishments followed some set of strategic essentials for that industry. The document is to be finalized by the Tourism Board by the end of the month which shall form the basis of an enduring tourism blueprint. After this, potential advisers should register their willingness with the government. Gunn (1988), Sometime after the Tourism Board was established the Government was requesting some inputs from qualified professionals to induce a concrete plan and solution.

All the applicants shall be judged depending on their successful experience in establishing tourism plans for jurisdictions relating to Bermuda characteristics and size. To cater for the Information Act, the new plans shall be exempted from termination though the RFP invites for the vision of products, market, brand image, services and marketing within the comprehensive overview of Bermuda’ s current market condition (Jeffries, 2001). 4. Assessment of the Management Actions Taken4.1. Tourism Policy The major issues that were revealed at the consultation stage entail: Ensure maximum utilization of human and financial resources given to tourism.

This is done via the public sector upon checking the effectiveness of great initiatives as below: Deliver on the accountability of giving direction for the tourism industry to come up with efficient regulation schemes. Balance and manage social, economic and environmental effects to ensure a national interest. To strengthen our services targeting existing kinds of activities for enhanced service and quality provision. To boost creative thinking in finding ways of boosting tourism value via the offering of authentic products. Train and retrain personnel within the industry and form the right environment for more and better tourism jobs.

Likewise in non-traditional segments of the industry and establish in education and enduring learning. Achieve fair income distribution. Boost and give preference in establishing tourism purposes within the original built-up areas, and sustaining the current footprint. Cater to structural changes needed in tourism. To sustain the tour operator business upon enhancing associations with tour operators at a strategic level (Jeffries, 2001). Improve the depth and quality of information available through tourism work and statistics on the tourism formulation satellite accounts.

Form best image and perception in overseas markets and then deliver as promised in an enriching manner. 5. Recommendations5.1. Suggestions for More ResearchEvaluate the collaboration stage of planning progress in more details to cater to the following questions: Whether the planners were trained well to carry the researchThe kind of collaboration that took place? Was it interactive two-way progress or just sharing of information? Evaluate in details the potent association amongst various stakeholdersAfter sometime evaluate the new tourism plan and new tourism policy to be published and whether the government shall really be committed towards its establishmentAnalyze whether the industry shall have the power to control decision-makers.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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