Company Strategy – Outline Example

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The paper "Company Strategy" is a great example of a business outline. Strategy is everything in a business. This is because it ensures that the business or organization brings in the necessary profits and is able to face competition and win. For this reason, this article is going to give out an outline structure that evaluates the strategy of a company. Furthermore, it is going to explain what analysis and findings to include or exclude in the strategy. Company Strategy OutlineFor any strategy to work, an evaluation is important. The use of the SAFe (suitability, acceptability, and feasibility) method is most suitable (Johnson, 2014, 50).

Suitability of the strategy is core. Here the organization has to check whether the strategy will bring limitations and stress to the organization. More importantly, does the strategy address the constraints and prospects in the organization?   Secondly, is the strategy acceptable to every important member of the organization (Johnson, 2014, 55)? To know whether a strategy is acceptable; the organization needs to ask a few questions. For example, does the strategy meet expectations? Is it able to bring in profits?

How risky is the strategy to the business and is that risk tolerable? Thirdly, the feasibility check is a must. Feasibility is whether the strategy is realistic in real life (Johnson, 2014, 60). This is majorly inline with finances. Can the organization meet the financial demands of the strategy? Are the skills required by the strategy available, if not how can they be obtained?   Lastly, the company analysis can be done through the use of a balanced scorecard and should be included as it is good for the overall organization measurement of success or failure(Johnson, 2014, 70).

A strategy must be passed through a balanced scorecard which measures four masseurs. The fourth masseur internal business process can be excluded since personal business running is dependent on the strategy. 1. Financial pointers2. Growth and learning progress3. Customer loyalty4. internal business processConclusionAn organization has to evaluate any strategy using the SAFe method. A balanced scorecard will also give out the direction of the organization. Three masseurs out of the four are critical.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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