Israel Couscous Summer Salad – Outline Example

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The paper "Israel Couscous Summer Salad" is a good example of a culture outline. Couscous salad is one of the most delicious food among the Israelite. It is prepared from a variety of food products among them whole- wheat, tomatoes, red onions, olives, cucumber, garbanzo beans, pepper and lemon. However, the uses of the appropriate measure of each item makes the Israel Couscous sweeter and nutritious (Smitten Kitchen).   (II) Body1. The durum wheat which is used to make Couscous is rich in protein and thus ensures that the salad has the important nutrients for bodybuilding and muscle repair.

2. In addition, the carbohydrates and protein help promote the nervous and brain function (Smitten Kitchen). 3. Moreover, the Israel Salad is low in fat and cholesterol and thus a healthy diet for everybody. 4. Whole grain is a source of fiber that help in the balance of sugar levels in the body. 5. The presence of fiber in the stomach creates a feeling of fullness and help in maintaining body weight. 6. Iron mineral in couscous help in the transportation of oxygen to the various part of the body (Smitten Kitchen).

7. Garbanzo is a leguminous product rich in protein and thus provides a vegetarian diet. 8. It is also rich in dietary fiber, folate and manganese. The presence of manganese in the body help in the development of the bone, healing of the wound and in activating important chemical reactions in the body’ s metabolism (Smitten Kitchen). (III) ConclusionIsrael couscous salad is an amazing dish for vegetarian. According to Smitten Kitchen, a roasted butter squash with lemon makes an outstanding dinner. It makes no issue using the recipe over and over again because of its delicacy (Smitten Kitchen).

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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