OSHA Strategic Management – Outline Example

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The paper "OSHA Strategic Management " is a delightful example of a management outline. OSHA was created in 1971 and despite the caution taken, workers die and get injured while in the job. This has made OSHA focus on achieving its goals which are reduced occupation, work towards promoting safety and health culture as well as maximize OSHA effectiveness and efficiency which will be achieved by improving its capabilities as well as the infrastructure. OSHA also has a mission to decrease deaths and injuries and despite being able to achieve quite a number of its goals, injuries and deaths remain the issue that needs more management.   Being determined to continue working in the future, OSHA is determined to make the American people understand that the safety and the health of employers and employees play a big part in impacting Americans Businesses as well as their workplaces and their residential homes.

America is growing bigger and OSHA must be ready to assist with emergency response in time of security concerns. When it comes to communications, OSHA programs will go on relying on strategies that were already there.

They include on-site consultation, compliance assistance as well as the cooperative programs. OSHA has it set to reduce workplace fatalist by 15 percent, reducing the workplace injuries (John 2002) by 20 percent and also amputations by 3 percent. In order for all these to be accomplished, OSHA will utilize all the talents, skills and all the innovation available around the agency. The unity within the employers and employees will also be key as well as creating more room for cooperation and collaboration. OSHA is committed to protecting the American people and with the experience they have, they are willing to do their very best.

It might seem hard to avoid all injuries and deaths but the same injuries and deaths can be reduced to the best of their abilities and this will mean safety to the American people.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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