World Trade Centre – Movie Review Example

World Trade Centre Movie Review Many would agree that is there is a day that the fabric of the American people was tested; that day was on the 11th of September 2001. The movie , world trade Centre 2006 depicts the lessons and the concerted efforts that the American people put in place to deal with the unforeseen crisis that befell the country on that sorrowful day.
From the onset the movie represents a lot of resiliency following the story of the two police officers; whose story the entire movie revolves around. This is a story of courage because they went down to the rubbles to help those people who had been trapped down there. Despite inadequate movie techniques in movie techniques, the movie highlights the big crisis that the country found itself in. Following the twin explosions and following crisis of dead people injured some in dire need for assistance the story resonates with anyone who might have heard or witnessed what transpired o the material day.
The story of Sergeant McLoughlin shows clearly that the country had not learned much in the 1993 bombing and this is why the police officer runs to the scene of the disaster fully aware for the reality waiting there. Despite the serious disaster the police officers depicted in the movie forge ahead with the true American spirit. For example Jimeno who is inexperienced find this opportunity to prove his worth to the world. His story is that of a person who registers mixed feelings. On one hand he fears that h may disappoint given that he did not have the expertise and experience in such kinds of disaster, while on the other hand he feels that he has the obligation to work to rescue his fellow country men and women.
Through the story of the main characters it is clear that they derive motivation from their families. The officers have wife and children. One of the officers has an expectant wife but that does not deter them from carrying on their duties perhaps because they feel that their families , like the affected families, could have been the victims as well.
One clear lesson form the movie that depicted the truth of what befell America is that the country must ensure that disaster preparedness is parent given that such kinds of disasters strike at any time. This is clear given that one of the officers has never had any real life practice on handling such situations before.
Many Americans identified with the trouble that was imminent on that day and this is demonstrated by the fact that many groups of people had volunteered to give a hand on whatever they could offer to their fellow country men and women. For example a group of volunteers agreed to accompany officer McLoughlin. Most of the volunteers had never experienced such scenes before but they ensured the toxic smoke to go and save as many people as they could. Despite the constant rumble of the South tower and the imminent danger that faced this group, they carried on gracefully as though they owed those trapped an obligation. In this was the face of what makes America. People were united in one accord with an aim of rescuing as many people as possible.
Even though emergency response arrived in time the high level of disaster was overwhelmingly high for this group of rescuers.
In later part of the movie the preparedness of the authorities is questioned. For example, it is revealed that the mayor had been informed of the danger that the South Tower portend. Yet even with those earlier warnings, the mayor did not care to inform officers and other personnel who were working tirelessly to help people in that section of the building. In this regard, the lives of the officer are further jeopardized. It is apparent that five lives are saved because the leader of the team was conversant with the building and thought quickly to counter the collapse of the section of the building they were in.
In nut shell, Americans have a lesson from the movie world trade Centre. The movie depicts a crisis that had never been witnessed for many years I America. It offers teaching that all government agencies and the general public need to be taught on how to react when disaster strikes since it was clear that there was a lot of confusion when the disaster hit the American people. However, through the story of many people, the high level of resilience is seen in the movie.
World Trade Center (2006)