James Cameron's Titanic – Movie Review Example

The paper "James Cameron's Titanic" is an excellent example of a movie review on visual arts&film studies.
I watched Titanic the movie some time back. It was a romantic flick which made me envision the olden times and how love used to cultivate within the minds of the lovers and how sacrifice was important in the times gone by. Titanic is a movie that has been acclaimed on a global level since it has been shot in such a manner that its fans are growing by the day (Parisi 1998). Titanic was a huge success because it changed perceptions, made people think and feel the real story of Jack and Rose, and indeed showcasing a love scenario taking place on a voyage which was very breathtaking for the cinemagoers (Frakes 1998). The best thing about this movie was that it changed perceptions, touched new angles of cinematography and broke shackles in essence. James Cameron has indeed done justice with his directorial prowess as Titanic is one of the most sought-after movies of the 1990s. The US$200 million budget for this movie was justified since it did business nearly 10 times of the costs that were incurred in its making and projection (Ed 1998). Titanic was a movie which turned out to be an immense success and the credit for the same must be given to the people who have made the realization possible in the first place. Special mention should be on Jon Landau who was the producer of the movie and James Cameron himself who wrote, edited and directed the super hit of the 1990s. Titanic was a very huge success and there is no denying this fact at all.