Week 3 Response – Movie Review Example

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Week 3 Week 3 Throughout time, homosexuals have been treated as a threat, inferiority or dangerous. The perception for homosexual has been perceived as dangerous and frightful. In the similar manner, the film Rope (1948) shares the experience of two homosexual classmates that are inspired of the idea of innate superiority. To experiment the philosophy they murder and conceal the body in a trunk in their apartment. This response paper shall analyze the film rope with the concepts of the week’s reading ‘the monster and homosexual’ by Harry Benshoff (Benshoff, 2009). In the history, homosexuality has been portrayed as the monstrous condition.

It has been greatly a part of the English literature due to which homosexuality has been associated with the evil and worst of all mankind. I believe that the film Rope also portrays a similar idea about homosexuality. The attempt of murder by the homosexual classmates can be identified as a monstrous attempt to experience the idea of their philosophy (Benshoff, 2009). In my opinion, the film portrays one of the most evil and selfish part of the homosexual mates who can go to any extend to experience their desires and ideas.

Gays and lesbians have been portrayed as vampires or evil beings in the different cultures that has shocked the individuals. I believe that the film rope the characters of Dall and Granger have been showed as an evil being who have committed a murder of their former classmate Dick Hogan to experiment their skills and exercise to commit perfect murder. ReferenceBenshoff, H. (2009). The monster and Homosexual. Machester: Manchester University Press.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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