Video Did You Know And Its Effects On Library Information Systems – Movie Review Example

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Video: Did You Know Video: Did You Know Relating the information in the video Did You Know-Human Capital Edition, to library and information sciences, it is evident that the field individuals have to embrace technology in order to keep up with the pace of usage of information. Organizations are spending too many human and monetary resources on managing information. If technology is not embraced, the short term effect will be an increase in the resources spent, leading organizations into losses. The long term effect will be running obsolete and irrelevant management methods.

Shifting to the new levels that information management will have reached may be too costly. However, if organizations embrace technology, the short term effect will only be the inconveniences associated with change and training the users, but the long term effects will be seamless flow, use and management of information. As noted in the video, communication has grown from snail mail to email, and 25 percent of people in the workplace prefer email over face to face communication. The number is set to increase to 75 percent by the year 2020.

That trend is a significant point to note for those in the profession of library and information sciences. It calls for more effective ways of storing and distributing information. This is one of the reasons why the video highlights of the importance of intellectual, social and cultural shifts. Given the fast rate at which technology is advancing, most of the practices in place are soon outdated. Information workers can only be kept up to speed by their learning agility. To embrace the changes and explore their information workers’ full potential, organizations need to have in place structured, frequent and continuous refresher programs.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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