Female Characters and Australian Welfare Practice in American Beauty and Once Were Warriors – Movie Review Example

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The paper “ Female Characters and Australian Welfare Practice in American Beauty and Once Were Warriors“ is a  dramatic variant of movie reviews on film studies. According to the theory of socialism, there is an obscene gulf that exists between the poor and the rich. This has resulted in the situation of an extra cost towards the achievement as well as the maintenance of access to basic education for all the people health care reproductive care adequate food-safe water as well as sanitation poverty does not emanate from lack of access to resources but rather the manner of their allocation in the capitalistic nations. This is clearly evident in the situation indicated in the film Once Were Warriors There is also an indication of disconnection from the western culture together with the means of learning.

There is a realization of the fact of the absence of books at the disposal of Beth in the entire home as well as to her daughters. However, there is some contrast in as far as Grace is concerned since she shows some interest in school as well as learning.

The disconnection from books becomes the major concern as it pertains to Duff to the extent of looking for books due to the importance placed upon education. He is, therefore, able to access a charity home responsible for the issuance of books to the poor children while encouraging reading. This is because of the interest of Grace in story writing for the purpose of an attempt of escaping the brutality associated with her life. The rest of her time is used in spying the wealthy family of the Pakeha living nearby.

The issue of amazement to her is the existing discrepancy between this family and hers and the absence of conflict existing among them (Beale, 2001). Fundamental contradictions associated with capitalism is the attraction of people division in as labor division as well as the global economy are concerned but the end analysis is the concentration of the capital in as few people as possible the issue associated with socialism is the impossibility of provision of the basic requirements to all resulting to a situation of the failure of people to work This is the socialism situation indicated in Once Were Warriors.

The couple descents are based in a certain slum in Auckland. The obvious issue with the film is the existence of love between the two couples. However, there is a wedge that has been initiated by Jake due to the alcoholic nature of his life. This has brought about some negative consequences in their life leading to the situation of emotionally scaring the children. In the instance that he is sober, Jake has been known to be a charming person (Beale, 2001).

When he becomes drunk, he is associated with violent psychopathic as a result of the changes in the mood in a blink-of-an-eye manner resulting in serious cruelty to the members of his family. Due to the alcoholism that Jake has indulged in, sticking to the job has been a nightmare, and this makes him rely on the dole for the purpose of feeding the family (Oscar, 2005).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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