The World Trade Center: Film, 9/11, Directed By Jules And Gideon Naudet – Movie Review Example

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Grush-911 It is undeniable that the September 11 attack was one of the most disastrous terror events in the world history. The magnitude of the losses, both in property and lives went to unprecedented scales. Although the exact masterminds of the attack remain controversial, the role of the community in addressing emergency issues was clearly depicted on the events following the attack. September 9/11 attack was a learning experience for America and the world at large. The film “Film, 9/11,” Directed by Jules and Gideon Naudet captured some of the moments during the attack in real time, which makes it possible to evaluate the importance of community to the safety and success of fighting a disaster. There is overwhelming evidence from the movie indicating that the community has a big role in determining the success or failure of a fire fighting disaster.

From the movie, the first victims of the fire disaster were the people located on the affected buildings. When the first plane crashed on one of the towers, there was hardly any time to react to the incident according to the stipulated guidelines.

However, the people around the building tried their level best to escape the falling building. The firefighters arrived on time and began mobilizing the people towards the evacuation procedures. Certainly, the firefighters could not have done any meaningful achievement without the collaboration of the community. From the film, it could be seen that people were very responsive to the directive from the firefighters. The actually could move as directed by the firefighters. The firefighters were able to evacuate the buildings within reasonable time and therefore, able to continue with firefighting efforts without having many casualties.

Secondly, some of the community members, who had some expertise on firefighting, evacuation, and disaster response techniques joined in the firefight. From the film, it was evident that some of the people were actually assisting in firefighting and rescue mission. This made the whole effort easier and quicker. Since the firefighting mission was also aiming at saving maximum number of people, then the community’s effort contributed greatly. Certainly, the number of victims would have been far much greater were it not for the collaboration between the firefighters and the community.

While the firefighting mission was going on, the community was busy assisting in providing first aid to the affected victims. The community was also instrumental in rescuing victims from the rubble to the ambulance vans thus giving the firefighters more time to focus on their mission. The September 9/11 was a traumatic and learning experience for everyone particularly the American community. The fateful event changed the people’s perception about the community. The event brought the hearts of people together as America became united.

The world’s perception on similar attack changed and people became more united towards such occurrences. Therefore, the importance of community collaboration during disasters is particularly important. Community assisting firefighters in firefighting mission

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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