The Mask by Chuck Russell – Movie Review Example

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The paper "The Mask by Chuck Russell" is an exceptional example of a movie review on visual arts and film studies.   The Mask is a fantasy-comedy film with extraordinary, remarkable story directed by Chuck Russell who did a marvelous jump in the movie’ s production. Based similarly named comic by Dark Horse, The Mask tells the story of Stanley Ipkiss (Jim Carrey), a loveable bank clerk who lets his guard down when confronted. After a particularly humiliating day, Ipkiss comes across a fascinating mask in which, the spirit of Loki is imprisoned. Loki refers to the Norse god of mischief; thus, a storm of hyperactive mayhem results after wearing the mask, which turns him into a green-faced, a suit-wearing character who reflects the cartoon romantic, wild man within Ipkiss.

This transformation commands massive confidence in him and does not hold back his innermost desires, which bears the ability to manipulate his own figure to a superhuman level. Ipkiss goes ahead to rob the bank in which he works and courts Tina Carlyle, the girlfriend of a criminal; moreover, things get complicated as Ipkiss attracts the attention of a group of villainous gangsters as well as the police after a series of incidents involving the destruction of property and robbery.

In the process, the mobster boss gets possession of the mask, but it is regained thanks to Ipkiss’ dog, Milo. Ipkiss then sets out to make things right after gaining enough courage without the mask. The movie has many characters in his hand with the main one played by Jim Carey. He plays the role of Stanley Ipkiss to bring out the smooth cartoon character achieved by wearing the mystical mask.

Carrey is known for his humor, energy, and talent, which aids in bringing out the sense of a creative and unusual cartoony of the movie. The suave cartoon figure holds nothing back in regard to feelings and desires and develops an interest in Tina Carlyle (who is mobster’ s girlfriend) a character portrayed by Cameron Diaz. This role marked the introduction of Cameron Diaz into big-screen presentations; moreover, she presents dissatisfaction with her boyfriend as a partner in crime but does not deny him until courted by Ipkiss.

Dorian Tyrell is a power-hungry mobster who plans to overthrow his superiors and head the Edge City mafia empire; in addition, the character, played by Peter Greene, is amplified upon wearing the mask where evil and animalistic behaviors are illustrated. The Mask presents a wide range of charming cartoon effects that are characterized by their reference to classic animations. The special effects involve combining live-action with cartoons, which turns an actor into a photo-real cartoon character (Dirks). In this regard, there is a fascinating portrayal of the main character as well as attempts made to keep his personality in check.

By taking advantage of Jim Carrey's experience in both dramatic and comedy roles, the film utilizes the digital visual effects to give superhuman speed, flexibility and the classical popping eyes, as well as jaw-dropping effects. The Mask is a highly enjoyable presentation, entertaining and full of cartoon humor. The story has an exceptional deal of universal appeal illustrating the life of man in isolation and bored in life, with the classic touch of the fight between good and evil.

However, in the wake of modern comedy, The Mask is regarded as a kids movie unless on can bear the constant tendencies of the main character, since the animated humor may not be as appealing to adults. The shortcomings in this film can be overcome by the use of current animation technology for a smoother presentation

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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