The Help Movie: The Racial Issues – Movie Review Example

The paper "The Help Movie: The Racial Issues" is an exceptional example of a movie review on social science. The movie “Help’ mainly talks about a young white lady who took the initiative of telling the world, the kind of suffering the black women undergo in their quest for better lives. She focuses on the domestic black workers who are treated badly by their white bosses. The movie is further meant to inform the people of the current generation on the evils that some people have had to endure in their desire to survive in the harsh conditions. Skeeter who is a white Southern girl who has just returned from college is determined to write a book which focuses on the ill-treatment that Black women experience in the Southern towns and cities of Mississippi. She is first not well received by the African-American ladies that she intends to interview as they are afraid that they are likely to lose their jobs if they go public with the negative things that they experience. 

Aibileen and Minny are the first to agree to tell their stories followed later by others. I mostly identify with Skeeter owing to the fact that she decides to stand out and speak in defense of people who have been neglected and abused by society. She goes against the expectations of her family and the White society in the South to associate closely with the black women. I consider her actions as one who is against segregation based on race and desires to have an equal society where people are not treated or judged based on their race. The issue of race as depicted in the movie is a matter that is still present to date and the only difference is the manner in which it is presented today. Many people in the United States especially those of African-American descent, experience cases of racial discrimination in the course of their daily activities. I have personally been affected by racial discrimination when I visited a state that was dominated by people from a given race. Racial biasness can lead to deterioration of personal growth and development. In my life, I have purposed not to show any racial discrimination as it lowers the esteem of other people. The movie has helped me to develop a clear understanding of the evils brought about by racial discrimination and how it has affected the United States over the years and presently.
The movie has enabled me to have a clue of the challenges that the African-American citizens endured in the past hence knowing how to treat people with equality with no regard to their races. I am in the firm belief that the racial issues demonstrated in the movie will not be witnessed twenty-five years from now. The American society is improving each and every day in addressing issues relating to race hence a better society that is free from racial discrimination is to be witnessed in a few years to come. Most of the racial issues addressed in the movie are currently not being witnessed leading to the belief that they are likely to be matters of history in some years to come.