A Musical The Full Monty – Movie Review Example

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The paper "A Musical The Full Monty" is an exceptional example of a movie review on performing arts.   The Full Monty is a familiar comedy that takes everyday situations and topics that we see and makes it more meaningful. The show engages its audience in depicting how reality and comedy can make for an inventive musical. But the reason that the musical is more compelling is not only in the hilarious situations that the characters helplessly put their selves into. Jerry’ s outrageous ideas and Dave’ s commitment to go along with it meant for more than slapsticks comedy.

The show goes into the deeper understanding that at the heart of it all, a man is willing to do just about anything for his family.   The performance was a lighthearted musical that was fun to watch that builds up to their final act. By the title itself, it would be hard to miss not to think of how they are going to cap off the show with the final reveal. But it is the moments in between that made it more. Jerry’ s shaky relationship with his son showed how a father becomes detached from his family because of the work that he had been so absorbed in.

It was only after he lost his job that he had more time to be with Nathan. Dave’ s own family dilemmas were also a common theme that we see in marriages. The rift between husband and wife could often lead to bigger problems that could lead to breaking them apart. Dave has attributed his loss of confidence to his body image. But the truth is that it is not with a perfect physique that makes a man attractive.

It is in how he carries himself and being comfortable in his own skin that makes all the difference. This demonstration of physical flaws as the center of the musical makes The Full Monty comical while simultaneously being refreshing. Regular men dancing in uniform and then in their underwear to tunes like Looking for Some Hot Stuff was a sight to see. The flickering lights and the dance numbers combined an atmosphere of fun and entertainment that made it enjoyable to watch.

Without overly selling it to the audience, the backstory of the main characters made a lasting impression in appreciating how their actions shaped into the execution of the show. The women finding their freedom but regarding the men with deference was bittersweet that is often a strong blow to a man’ s ego. Their contrast to the Chippendales was shown in such a way that it was more engaging than ridiculous. Unlike the popular male striptease act, the gang is far from being the male figures that are the envy of other men and the object of desire of women.

But despite their beer guts and flabby arms, they were willing to bare it all for the sake of their family. It was not only for the sake of money but for them to regain their self-confidence after losing an important part of their lives, their jobs. The act they organized brought them so much more in return and revealed them into a new light. The Full Monty showed that common truth for most of us: family always comes first.

Sometimes there will be moments in our lives that we will be down and nothing seems to go right. But it is in our own ingenuity and personal motivations that we overcome that apparently endless rut to go forward to reveal it all.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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