The Core by John Amiel – Movie Review Example

The paper "The Core by John Amiel" is an excellent example of a movie review on visual arts&film studies. Directed by John Amiel, the Hollywood release of 2003, The Core was highly criticized by both the movie reviewers as well as the science-fictionists. Though the movie had every potential of being a real blockbuster, yet, it is presumed that the movie lacked a basic sense of sciences that turned it into a funny piece of sci-fi creation. The movie is about venturing into the earth’s center as it has stopped rotating and requires the spinning to be reset. Because of such abandonment of rotation, the electromagnetic fields are found to be ceasing and it is calculated that by another year, every living being would drop dead. So, a team of six top-notch professionals was sent to the center of the earth in a specially designed vehicle named ‘Virgil’ to initiate commencement of the rotation.

The movie raises certain questions among the industry which might be stated as below:
• The voyage of the six top referred professionals (which included scientists, astronauts, and a hacker) to the center of the earth through a drilling vehicle is practically impossible. The vehicle named ‘Virgil’ used laser lays to make its way through the rocks. Such an initiative was highly criticized by the industry and the basis of such voyage was questioned.
• The fact that change in the magnetic field is affecting the change in the electromagnetic radiation was also referred to as funny by few of the leading industry experts. According to them, only the charged particles like protons and electrons can be affected by the change in the magnetic field and not the electromagnetic radiation (that includes microwaves or ultraviolet lights).
• The scientists maintain that it is actually the atmosphere that protects the earth from cosmic rays and not the magnetic fields. According to them, there had been past instances of reversals of magnetic fields but nothing catastrophic occurred and so the question of future happenings even if the magnetic field reverses, might not be so destructive. 

From the above analysis, it can be said that the movie, The Core, had certain questions as far as science is concerned and had a few theoretical mismatches. Yet, the movie was successful in attracting a large portion of the viewers and making science fun-filled, as the director claims.