The Video War on the Family – Movie Review Example

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The paper "The Video War on the Family" is an excellent example of a movie review on sociology. The video "War on the Family" is a first-person narrative relating the destructive impact of incarcerating women. It detailed how the imprisonment of mothers affected them as well as the children who have been left behind. It revealed startling data about how the present prison system is undermining the American family.   I used to think that it would be normal that there would be mothers who would be locked away for crimes they did.

But I did not expect that they are that many. Imagine that 80% of women who have been locked away are mothers. That resulted in over 10 million children who had been abandoned or orphaned by their mothers due to incarceration. The social cost is just so huge that it is very hard to ignore. There is also something in the film that bothered me most because at this day and age and especially in modern America, twenty-three states still allow the shackling of women in prison while they are in labor.

This is like in the movie where inmates are in chains while working and come to think of it, they are women and mothers.   I can only imagine that if my mother would be treated like that in the prison, I too would surely be very bothered and may not even do well in school and society. It is very likely that one will rebel if one will lose his mother to the prison and be treated like that. I can only hope that authorities will make the prison system more humane than it is now as was shown in the video War on the Family.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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