The Rainmaker by J. Grisham – Movie Review Example

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The paper "The Rainmaker by J. Grisham" is a wonderful example of a movie review on social science. The legal thriller by John Grisham, The Rainmaker, encapsulates the story of a budding lawyer Rudy Baylor. Baylor fights for the family of Dot and Buddy Black as their son Donny Ray suffers from leukemia and has a health insurance policy with Great Benefit Life Insurance. It was observed that Donny requires a bone marrow operation for his survival and the family could get a sum of $ 200,000 from the insurance company for the same.

But the Great Benefit Life Insurance, like all other claims, also turned down the claim made by the Black Family and eventually Donny dies. A suit was filed by Rudy Baylor for the family against the insurance company for $ 10 million as compensation. During the trial, a former executive of the insurance company revealed that the insurance policy was a fraud as it was the policy of the company to deny all such claims and in such way, the company could make $ 40 million profit.

The court judged the case in favor of the Black family as it ordered $ 50.2 million to be paid by the insurance company which rendered Great Benefit Life Insurance bankrupt. It is evident that the Great Benefit Life Insurance had a fraudulent scheme in place. The entire segment of insurance depends upon mutual trust as people insure themselves only to be protected at the time of need. One should have repeated check mechanisms in place to be sure of the fact that the claims are genuine. Great Benefit Life Insurance could have tested the medical documents in the case of Donny Ray.

It would be unethical to charge the field officer of the insurance company as it was a management policy not to pay. The regulatory bodies of the financial institutions should initiate periodical checks to verify if the financial companies are having their processes as per required by the regulations. The company also can take help of some of the external agencies to ensure every process is fit and fine. The external agency can carry surveys and publish about the efficiency of the processes in the media.

The willing company can also opt for regular audits that can really put the issue of ethics at the topmost priority. The punitive measures would not really help to get to the core of the problem rather the organization should come up with any of the above out of the box methodologies.  

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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