Narrative Analysis ( Movie Name ) – Movie Review Example

50 First s Starring: Drew Barrymore as Lucy Whitmore Adam Sandler as Henry Roth Directed by: Peter Segal Movie Released on: February 13, 2004
Inciting Incident: Henry met Lucy in a café one morning and developed special feelings for her instantly (9:14).
Justification: The meeting of Henry and Roth turned into a magical day and they agreed to meet at the café the next day.
Plot Point # 1: On the next day of their meeting Lucy no longer recognized Henry and don’t remember meeting him at all (34:24).
Justification: Henry was told by the café owner about the present circumstance of Lucy that she is suffering from anterograde amnesia referred as “Goldfield Syndrome” as a result of a car accident. Her last memory retained was during the accident. She can no longer absorb any memory beyond that day.
Midpoint: Henry devises his philanthropic strategies to gain the attention of Lucy every day (46:49).
Justification: Henry fell in love with Lucy. In hope to let the memory of him sink in the mind of Lucy, he consistently pursued her and devises creative ideas to draw Lucy to spend the day with him.
Plot Point #2: Henry, together with Lucy’s dad and brother revealed the accident to Lucy and her current mental state (48:37)
Justification: Henry convinces Lucy’s dad and brother to reveal the accident to Lucy. Lucy’s family realized that they can’t live a lie for the rest of their lives hiding the real situation of Lucy from her. They connived with Henry to come up with a video connecting her past with the present.
Climax: Lucy broke up with Henry and decided to let herself in a psychological treatment facility (1:19:20).
Justification: Lucy overheard that Henry gave up his long term plans because of Lucy. Lucy don’t want to hinder the dreams of Henry. She let go of their relationship and decided to remain in a treatment facility. A devastated Henry then let her go and bade with her wishes to pursue his ambitions. This is the emotional challenge for their relationship.
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