The NoteBook Directed by Nick Cassavetes – Movie Review Example

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The paper "The NoteBook Directed by Nick Cassavetes" is a great example of a movie review on visual arts and film studies.   The film sector has been awash with numerous films that each depicted represent different things. In the film industry, there have been movies about fiction, love or romance, thrillers, horror and also animations. Different genres in the film industry target different individuals and there has been an increase in more films as the years have progressed. In this essay, attention will be focused on a film; The NoteBook directed by Nick Cassavetes and it is a romantic drama film.

It is based on a novel that has the same name written by Nicholas Sparks. The film tries to replicate exactly what is written in the novel and basically has the plot that there is a young couple that falls in love during the year 1940. The story is told by an elderly man to a fellow individual while they are in a nursing home. The NoteBook manages to capture the lives of everyday people and how their love lives are.

The photography is saturated and has a rich strike to it looking at the movie. The actors themselves are blessed enough to act the part and they are able to ensure that their on-screen chemistry is real enough. Their performance is professional and gives the movie the charisma it requires. The movie is a good film that succeeds where many other romantic films have failed. In the overall sense, the film takes the lead in all the romantic movies of all time. There are scenes in the film that bring about tension and also hysteria such as when the young couple falls in love and starts confronting the authority of adults.   Both characters are appealing and have the charisma, which in itself is an attractive attribute.

The film manages to dwell on the factors that affect the individuals that live in the present world. The romance in the film appeals to those who are watching the movie and in particular to those who love romance. It can be described as one of the most intruding young lover’ s films. The film stands out from other movie films of the same genre because the film is set in a way that it uses the principle that nothing separates people.

It refuses to take in the fact that class, money, and power cannot separate people when they are in love. It is set on the principle that love prevails above all else. In other films, most people’ s love stories fail or are sabotaged by class and power. It helps carry the drama of love to the hearts of individuals who watch the film. The cinematic richness and also the depth of feeling are represented in the feeling and these are not present in the novel written by sparks.

Through the film, there is that sense of the heart affecting love and also brings about the beauty of falling in love; the heartbreaks and also the joys of falling in love. The director tries as much as possible to ensure that the novel and the movie correspond to each other, only that in the movie it’ s more realistic. From the movie, it brings about intimate relationships and how they affect those who watch the movie.

It brings out a sense of warriorhood that people come when it comes to love. Peter Lowry said that "Overall, The NoteBook is a surprisingly good film that manages to succeed where many other "chick flick" like romances fail. " It teaches lovers that they much fight to overcome the obstacles that get in the way when people fall in love. Such obstacles may be like religion, power, money, race and also background. These are some of the things that usually make people not get together.

There are those combative and fierce differences that need to be tackled on the road to love. Both parties need to compromise and in this movie, there is the issue of class that gets in the way and takes a heavy toll on these two individuals in The NoteBook. Thus the movie is able to reflect and relate to those who are watching it. Simply put, the director has ensured that both the actors and those who are watching stay on the razor’ s edge as the tension are always high in the movie.

Stephen Holden states that “ the scenes between the young lovers confronting adult authority have the same seething tension and lurking hysteria that the young Warren Beatty and Natalie Wood brought more than 40 years ago to their roles in Splendor in the Grass. " The script is written in the general sense of ensuring that anyone who watches the film is captivated by it. People tell themselves all manner of fantasies and it is these fantasies that get people through the day. The NoteBook is a fantasy romance movie and helps make the love life bearable.

The passion at the beginning is intense and so is the sentiment when the movie is ending. Just like a soap opera, the movie is idealized and seems like a love story that is made in heaven and not on this earth. Instinctively, the director ensured that the film will captivate the audience, and as is the case, the movie has received a lot of positive reviews from the characters, the plot and also the scenes in the film.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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