Supersize Me by Morgan Spurlock – Movie Review Example

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The paper "Supersize Me by Morgan Spurlock" is a good example of a movie review on health sciences and medicine. “ Supersize me” is an American documentary film directed by Morgan Spurlock. In the film, Morgan Spurlock reveals the cause and the nature of America’ s ever-increasing incidence of obesity by interviewing several health experts and subjecting himself to MacDonald only diet for thirty days. Although the film is entertaining, it has critical revelations on the dwindling nature of America’ s corporate health responsibility, poor school eating programs, inadequate nutritional education and the manner in which the American citizen’ s health is endangered by poor dietary habits.   After thirty days on a MacDonald’ s only diet, Spurlock’ s psychological and physical health was severely affected.

Spurlock took three meals in a day from the McDonald restaurant. He also consumed every diet in the chain menu consuming an average of 20.92 megajoules per day. As a result, Morgan Spurlock gained more than 13% of his normal body weight. Spurlock also experienced some sexual dysfunction, mood swings and increased level of cholesterol in the body (Christina 131). Spurlock was as a result forced to use the vegan diet for fourteen days to lose the weight gained in the experiment.

Spurlock was equally forced to visit several health practitioners including personal trainer, nutritionist, general practitioner, and cardiologist to lose the gain weight. In demonstrating the unhealthy nature of the food served in MacDonald restaurants, Spurlock described his situation as “ quite difficult and at the same time quite dangerous” (Christina 131). In the film, Spurlock intended to investigate the cause of the rising cases of obesity in the United States of America.

The film is also very informative as it tries to answer some common health questions including the role of corporations in solving the society health needs and the responsibility of capitalists in addressing public health problems. The film contains some facets that are narrowly related to active healthy lifestyle and physical education. The films demonstrate a terrible lifestyle that has attracted critiques on the role of corporate powers in elevating the level of health problems in the United States of America. In the film, Spurlock aggressively addresses health experts, consumers, and food industries on the cause and nature of the alarming incidences of obesity in the country.

The “ supersize me” is essential in providing advice on the need for physical education as well as the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle. The film can be used in different ways in elementary settings as it explains the importance of taking at least three balanced diets per day, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Eating an adequate balanced diet is effective in maintaining an individual’ s physical and psychological health. The film has also brought into the limelight the role of corporate powers in fading the public’ s physical and psychological health.

In elementary settings, the film can be used as a relevance point in the introduction of policies relevant in controlling the type of diet served in restaurants. Additionally, although fast foods are attractive, community members should understand the dangers associated with overusing fast foods. Just like tobacco products, fast foods are in most cases physically harmful and have psychological addiction. The film is relevant in elementary settings as it offers valuable information on the significance of suitable diets in reducing lifestyle-related health complications such as diabetes.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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