Apocalypto Directed by Mel Gibson – Movie Review Example

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The paper "Apocalypto Directed by Mel Gibson" is an excellent example of a movie review on visual arts and film studies.   “ Apocalypto” , An epic American adventurous movie, was released in 2006. This movie was directed by Mel Gibson and written by Farhad Safina. “ Apocalypto” was set in the Yucatan city of Mexico while Maya civilization was declining. This paper aims to present the events interpreted in the movie and the relevance of those events with the facts studied in the course. Historical events studied in the course are related to the civilization of Mesoamericans who were popular for their developed written language, art, architecture, astronomical and mathematical systems (Gibson).

The theme of this movie revolves around the declining era of Maya civilization, and Maya civilization historical records share similar facts related to Mesoamerican civilization mainly because of interactive cultural diffusion. According to the writer and director of the movie, the theme of Maya civilization and destruction was a tremendous idea of exploring one of the most remarkable historic events (Gibson). In our course, we have studied the progress of the Maya Civilization during the eighteenth century that included advanced writing system, art, and literature.

The movie presented that Maya Civilization reached the peak of glory and success, but in the same century, it had its own seeds of destruction that ultimately resulted in the diminishing of flourished, magnificent, and developed regions (Gibson). The movie has demonstrated the real lifestyle of the Mesoamerican people, who used to wear sharp studs and tattoos on their bodies and were involved in hunting and killing activities. While watching a movie like “ Apocalypto” one might wonder how this movie could interpret facts and historical events exactly like what has been heard or learned about Maya civilization in the history subject (Gibson).

But, it is appreciable that moviemakers have accurately interpreted the historic events of the Mesoamerican lifestyle and fall of Maya civilization. Apart from depicting historical events to show relevance with the real tragic events of the time, the moviemakers have also intended to illustrate a vivid relationship between theme of the movie and today’ s cultural trends, which are engulfed with the tragic incidence, violence, and terrorism (Gibson).

The similar, association we have learned in our course, which is taught to us to show the relevance between Maya collapse and contemporary conditions of today’ s century. Our instructors and moviemakers of the film Apocalypto highlighted that the problems that were at their peak during the era of Maya civilization declining are much similar with those that have imposed challenges in today’ s society (Gibson). This fact can be backed up with the evidence, which shows that corruption, perplex social issues, excessive consumption of recourses and environmental hazards are some common features between Maya civilization and today’ s society (Gibson).

In a similar manner, causes of downfall era of Maya civilization are the same threats as our society is facing. Conclusively, it can be said that Apocalypto, a movie by Mel Gibson is an outstanding movie in which its makers have explicitly showed diffused social and cultural conditions of Mesoamericans of Maya civilization. From the above movie review, we have noticed that the director and writer of the story have accurately illustrated the historic events and tragic conditions of Maya civilization’ s destruction.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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