Diversity Issues in Rain Man – Movie Review Example

Reflection of the Movie Rain Man Diversity issues in the movie The film Rain Man provides a broad perspective over which a number of issues can be painted. The setting of the film and the individual characters gives an evidence of diversity that is inherent in the society today. The present day society faces a number of diversity issues from individual characteristics to societal changes and manifestations of various values. The characters in the film Rain Man have varied trajectories with each pursuing a particular way of life that suits the condition and the inherent environment. The characters behaviors and the manner in which they handle their issues is a reflection of the modern day diversity. The text puts into perspective, diversity issues in the movie that are present in society, and the potential impact diversity can have on the social order.
Diversity in the film is demonstrated by the objectives and the drives that each character pursues in life. Each of the characters has a unique style and manner in which they seek to achieve their objectives in pursuit of happiness. Charlie in the movie is concerned with making money and goes the extra mile to make some coins (Levison, 1988). Raymond, who is Charlies brother, tries to show commitment to him while Susan plays the role of a composed personality ready to correct the misgivings of each. Just like Charlie, the present day individuals are more concerned with what makes them happy, and the search for money is not compromised (Levison, 1988). Individuals use other people to further their agenda and once they achieve what they seek as an objective they fail to fulfill their obligations to others. People have different, moral values that define who they are. In the film, Charlie does not care and uses his control to create a situational crisis thus affecting the peace and sanity of the rest of the people.
Potential impact of diversity on society
There are inherent potential impacts that diversity can have on the society in the modern dispensation. Social norms that guide relations between individuals in the society are defined by the interactions and relationships (Andersen & Taylor, 2008). Diversity makes it possible for social norms to be adhered to in the society through strict enforcement and definition of rules of engagement. Diversity makes people in the society appreciate the professional duties of individuals. Case in point is that people have different areas of specializations that make them perform certain duties that would otherwise not be done without diversity in professionalism in the society.
Culture is a key area over which diversity is manifested. People in society have different backgrounds and ways of life. Through interactions, they can impart their lifestyles to other people in the society, making the society more diverse and inclusive. However, diversity can have negative connotations in the society. Case in point is that there are some individuals that never value or accept other people based on their identity and what they do. Essentially, many people in the society find it difficult to accept people either based on race, cultural background and professional outlook (Andersen & Taylor, 2008). Diversity, therefore, has positive and negative gestures depending on the society over which the application is made.
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