Movie Analysis #2 – Movie Review Example

s Hitch tells his that women respond when you respond to them. Explain this advice within the framework of the HURIER model as it applies to interpersonal listening.
As observed by Hitch, women respond when an individual responds to their communication, gestures, actions and reactions. By referring to HURIER Model, the response process is an essential part of interpersonal communication. Responding offers feedback to communicating partners in the entire communication process. As a result, according to Hitch, women listens to the others people response on their action and utterances before giving their final response to any state of communication.
According to HURIER model, all players in a communication process have an essential responsibility in facilitating the communication process. Women therefore have an exhaustive understanding and respect to the roles of all communication players before giving their final their response (Brownell 21). According to Hitch, in their interaction, women are reluctant in giving response especially in a conflicting situation. Women always analyze the communication situation before coming up with the most appropriate response.
As per the HURIER model, the speed and the manner in which an individuals’ response to any communication action or reaction helps in defining their listening capacity. Quick response to any state of communication may sometimes lead to incorrect and annoying response that may interfere with the communication process. Based on HURIER, women are presumed to be good listeners in a communication process.
Women can be assumed to be incredibly sensitive in their responses. As advised by Hitch, most of the responses given by women in many situations are in most cases free of stereotyping and biasness. This may be due to the fact that, women listen to a unique point of view before giving their final response.
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